Stormy Daniels Wishes She Could Leave Out Part Where She Body Shamed Trump’s Genitalia In Tell-All Book

After Stormy Daniels said the president’s — ahem — penis, resembles “the mushroom character” in “Mario Kart” — she now says she does have some regrets about body shaming President Donald Trump.

What now?


The former porn star said she feels “pretty terrible” in an interview with “60 Minutes Australia,” for disclosing intimate details from her book Full Disclosure, regarding the president’s genitalia

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“In a way, it’s body shaming and I feel like if I could go back and write the book [again], I think I would have left those details out,” she said. “I justify it in a way to myself, even now, saying ‘this is a man who said much worse things about women multiple times,’ so here’s a taste of your own medicine, a**hole.”


And as the White House continues to deny that Trump and Daniels had an affair — Daniels goes on to say that she was not lying about their relationship.

“If I was going to lie about having sex with someone famous ― Brad Pitt, here we go,” Daniels said. “I would pick somebody way less embarrassing than Donald Trump. Are you kidding? Now no man is ever going to want to date me. I’d have at least picked somebody cool.”


She also said how Trump is an “egotistical lunatic,” and Daniels isn’t going gently into that dark night anytime soon.

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“I want him to be held accountable for the things he’s done and that he’s doing, and the bad decisions he’s making and for all the people that he’s hurt,” she said. “I want him to be investigated, through due process, and held accountable just like he was you or me or anyone else. And if found guilty and evidence supports it, then absolutely take him down in flames.”

Daniels, may I say something? Don’t we all wish for that to be the end result?


Many commented over the controversial interview Daniels had with Kimmel.

And as you can imagine, most were split on whether the appropriateness of talking about the president’s privates.

One user said:

“What a perfect ad placement for #DelMonte Petite Mushrooms! #TrumpMicroPenis”

While another commented:

“This interview with Stormy was totally classless. You ought to both be ashamed of yourselves. A new late night low! Stormy can crawl back into the “storm” sewer she crawled out of….you guys are sick.”

But my favorite comment that I believe trumped (pun intended) all other comments?

“Please post a high res pic of that ‘shroom so I can use it as an avatar.”


While the whole bit was comical, I think back to the slogan “When we go low, we go high,” and reviewing the president’s genitalia seems to be fighting fire with fire.

But you do have to admit, it was very, very entertaining to watch.


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