Blood Lusting Pets Discovered By Vet After They Were Left In A Tank Along With Note

Unfortunately, pets left to be abandoned is an all too common trend.

And, leeches are no exception to this rule.

Yes, you read that right….leeches.


Didn’t think leeches could be abandoned? Or could be pets for that matter? Well, think again.

And sadly, being left for dead is what happened to these three leeches — who now go by the names of Buffy, Angel and Spike.

Okay, you have to admit, that is pretty adorable.


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This past April at Animed Vet Surgery in Kent, England, a small tank with an equally small note was left on the door-step.

“The three real-life ‘vampires’ were found in a tank on the vet’s doorstep, with nothing but a note that read: ‘Sorry, can’t look after them anymore,’” the Zoological Society of London shared in a press release.

Guys, I am tearing up a little bit.


Thankfully for the trio of blood-lusting pets, Dave Clarke — a man who lived in Kent, heard wind of the leeches plight and decided to help.

Clarke is also a keeper at the ZSL’s London Zoo in Regent’s Park and made the choice to invite the leeches to live at the zoo.

“Leeches may not have the broad appeal of other more charismatic animals, but they’re incredible ambassadors for the amazing — and more gruesome — abilities of the natural world,” Clarke shared.

I never thought of leeches as ambassadors but if I picture them in little outfits with a full passport, I can see the appeal. Minus the part where you can’t hug them.


And in due time, the three amigos will join the other leeches in the bugs exhibit.

Until then, they are currently adjusting to their new home at the zoo together.

Hey, transitions are a leech — am I right, or am I right?


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“We’re glad to be able to give these three leeches a home — just in time for the most gruesome night of the year!”

Clarke added.

But the real question on everyone’s mind? Who will the three leeches go as for Halloween? I can’t think of anything spookier than a blood-lusting pet dressing up as not a blood-lusting pet. The. Hor. Or.


“Leeches are surprisingly efficient … They have three jaws with over 100 tiny sharp teeth on each, which they use to latch onto their food sources. Ducts in between the teeth release both an anesthetic and a harmless anticoagulant to keep the blood flowing, so they can feed quickly and painlessly from their hosts.”

Hmm….not sure if I am terrified, fascinated or slightly nauseated. Maybe all three? And if you were wondering what ‘anticoagulant’ meant — I was too, so I found out what the definition was (yay learning) and the word is defined as a ‘blood thinning substance.’

So folks, what have we learned? One: leeches are pets, two: the definition of anticoagulant and three:
don’t abandon your blood thinning substances because they make for fantastic pets.


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