Ted Cruz Beats A Dead Horse And Tweets Out The Same Joke As Last Year

Ted Cruz is quite the character to say the least.

And as he is pretty spooky, Cruz felt the need to play a Halloween trick on us all.

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The Republican Senator tweeted out a letter from the famous serial killer known as The Zodiac, paired with a simple yet effective message: “Happy Halloween.”


The senator is currently in a re-election campaign with Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

And fun fact, this is not the first but the second year in a row Cruz has shared a Zodiac letter.

He may not be a funny guy, but boy is he persistent.


If you are like me and had no idea who the Zodiac killer was — he was a serial killer who was active in the late 1960s and early 1970s in California’s Bay Area.

And if were/are REALLY hiding under a rock — Cruz doesn’t mind poking fun at the old internet rumor that he is the actual Zodiac killer despite being born in the year 1970.

That Cruz, he can take a joke!


Although the true identity of the Zodiac Killer is still a mystery — the Zodiac is known for a series of letters he sent to law enforcement during his killing spree totaling five people.

And much like the Zodiac Killer, the comments underneath the tweet were KILLING me.

Sorry, I had to.


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One user said:

“This would probably make me chuckle three years ago, but the joke has gone stale.”

I would have to agree on this one, don’t be mad Cruz.


Another user decided to get cheeky with photoshop and made this post that warmed my cold, stale heart:


And then, another posted this and — I never thought I would say this about Ted Cruz but — it was kind of cute.


This one made me spit out my dinner and spray my screen with vodka sauce.


But can we all give a round of applause to this meme? Because I feel like whoever made it spent a lot of time on it, I mean — look at that font work…


And THEN someone posted this cryptic, creepy photo and I don’t know why am I getting chills right now but I now wish I wasn’t home alone…


Red Wave? Am I the only one seeing that? Is it supposed to be like — a red wave of Republicans sweeping over our nation?

One user then dropped the mic, saying:

“Ted Cruz is the only person who pretends to be a serial killer to be MORE likable.”

Which really makes you think….if someone said to you that they are reminded of a serial killer when they look at your face and then you embrace it, posting it to social media, discussing it on talk shows and the like…I would think….whoa. That’s exactly what a serial killer would do.


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