Skeleton Found In Basement Where Former Homeowner Went Missing Decades Ago

Tis the season for spooks and skeletons — and quite literally.

In Long Island, a skeleton was recently discovered in the basement of a home whose former owner had gone missing in 1961.

I just got chills.


The police discovered the body last Wednesday, investigating the house as well as the human remains.

The house’s former owner had gone missing close to sixty years ago, according to officials.

So who dun’ it?


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Michael Carroll, 57, is the current homeowner. He was excavating his basement with his two sons on eastern Long Island in his Lake Grove Home when the skeleton was discovered — according to Suffolk County Police.

Carroll’s two sons then found what appeared to be human remains.

Uhm, excuse me, what?


The family then called 911 for obvious reasons…

I think if I found a body I wouldn’t even make it to that step.

I would be too busy doing this:


The Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad detectives responded to the 911 call and have since been investigating.

The police had then found that Carroll’s parents i.e. George, had gone missing in 1961. Dorothy Carroll had owned the home since 1957 but died in the late 1990s.

Hmmm interesting…VERY interesting…


“Michael and his three siblings lived in the house with their parents,” Suffolk County police officials said in a statement.

Hmmm…this is getting more suspicious by the minute…


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The body was then taken to the Office of the Suffolk County Medical Examiner.

It is expected to be studied by an anthropologist.


One commenter had their opinions on what REALLY happened…

“Michael Carroll, being 57 years old was born the year his father went missing. Undoubtedly his mother killed her husband or had someone help. I doubt if she buried him without help. It has been said he was never reported missing. Still, family members would know. Why wouldn’t his family, any brothers, sisters or his parents wonder what happened to him?”

Fair point, fair point. I was thinking the same thing….


While another user prompted an interesting question…

“If everything here is accurate, then Michael Carroll was born in 1961, the same year his father went missing. And that his father was in the basement the entire time. Did Dorothy Carroll ever remarry? Something about the whole thing just doesn’t feel right.”

Agreed. Something is definitely off about this whole scenario.


And my favorite comment was one that posed how the story would make for a great murder mystery…

“1961 should have been the year the younger Carroll was born. So, it seems that Dorothy Carroll might have had a child out of wedlock and she killed her husband when he saw the child was not his, then she buried him in the basement. Sounds like a good murder mystery.”

Whoa, if this actually happened, it WOULD make for a thrilling read. Until we know for sure, we will just have to continue to speculate…


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