Chef Kills Regular Customer Of Vegetarian Restaurant And Serves Body To Fellow Patrons

Vegetarian patrons of a restaurant in Bangkok were floored when they found they were being served meat, but what they did not realize was they consumed exactly, which was much, much worse….

Prepare yourself, folks, this may make your stomach twist…


After being served meat in a vegetarian restaurant, customers contacted the local authorities to complain which led the police to investigate the space.

And after arriving at the restaurant, they soon found that what the restaurant was serving was actually worse than meat….

After investigating, it was discovered that the customers had actually been served human flesh — according to Asia One.


It was said the incident happened in the eastern district of Bangkok on October 23rd. The police officers decided to search the restaurant, according to ZaoBao, and upon arriving, found it empty with zero staff.

And when the officers discovered the kitchen, they stumbled upon a horrific sight: both the walls and the floor were splattered in blood.

Bits of human scalp, as well as flesh, were then discovered on the ground while the boss of the restaurant could not be located.

And after the officers continued to search the property, they soon found a disfigured and decomposing body of a 61-year-old male in a septic tank outside the restaurant.


It was found that the victim was Prasit Inpathom. He was noted to a regular at the restaurant.

The family was able to identify his body due to his tattoos on both his chest and his left arm.

The Oriental Daily shared how he had a friendship with the boss of the restaurant after asking him for a job.

The two would drink together often.


The victim’s family last saw him on October 21 when his brother said he saw him drinking at the restaurant.

This was just two days before the police found the man.

After the man’s family found he went missing — they quickly went to the restaurant where they discovered the police.

It was said that Inpathom had been hit in the head with a blunt object as well as has been stabbed five times in the abdomen and once in the leg.


The police investigation is currently looking at the restaurant’s boss as the main suspect who has been on the run since the body was first discovered. Authorities are attempting to track the suspect down.

It was also alleged that the victim and the boss had a fight before Inpathom was murdered. But the motive is still unknown at this time.

Police also say that man’s body was cooked and served to guests to eat with other food he had cooked.


And how many people exactly consumed the human flesh? That part is unknown.

I think if that happened in my hometown, I would rather not know — y’know?

Maybe we are better off not knowing some things…


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