The Queen Add’s Meghan’s Mom To Christmas Celebration, Breaking This Huge Royal Rule

It is common knowledge that we are equally obsessed with both Kate Middletown and Meghan Markle joining the Royal family.

They both are intelligent and captivating women and I would be lying if I didn’t say I vicariously live through them both.


But seriously, can you imagine?

Being married to a royal?! The parties, the outfits, the food….it all sounds perfect.

But it is not always so picturesque.

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While marriage is usually about blending two lives together, joining the royal family is a different story altogether.

If you are like most and are a non-royal if you ever do have your wishes come true and marry one — be prepared for a huge amount of compromising as well as sacrificing.


One example? There are no splitting holidays with the family.

Wait, really?

Yes, absolutely.

And usually, the holiday celebrations are for official members of the royal family only.

So if you don’t have a ring, you don’t have an in. And that’s just how it goes.


…but rules are meant to be broken.

Meghan became the very first non-royal to receive an invite to the Queen’s annual Christmas celebration in Norfolk at the Sandringham estate at Christmas last year where the royals usually spend their holidays.

And this year, the Queen is breaking yet again royal tradition for one more member of Meghan’s family: her mother.

Doria Ragland has been invited to spend the holidays and this is a major deal as it is not common to have even royal in-laws invited to the holidays.

According to The Sun Times, a “senior royal source” says in-laws are usually invited to weddings and christenings but they cannot take Christmas or Easter or even come along to the royals’ celebration.


But why was Doria allowed in on the big day?

“It’s a mark of the Queen’s respect for Meghan and an acknowledgment that she doesn’t have any other relations in this country-unlike Kate who has the support of a very close family,” a source shared with Daily Express.

It also helps that Doria and the Queen have gotten along very well.

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One Yahoo user made a comment about how the queen has calmed down over the past few years…

“It seems like the Queen is becoming more and more lax on Royal Protocols. And not just for Meghan, Harry, and the mother, but for William and Kate as well. Old age sometimes does this to you. It also helps that the Queen seems to understand the love, passion, and care everyone has for each other, and is more than willing to welcome people with open arms, as long as they’re trusted, close relatives.”


While another pointed out how William and Kate broke royal protocol in the past…

“When William and Catherine were engaged, William broke royal protocol and spent Christmas with the Middleton’s. They have, in fact, celebrated Christmas with the Middleton’s a couple times. Perhaps the Queen realized that, in order to have her family present at Christmas, the in-laws must be invited as well. Meghan’s close family consists of her mother. Inviting one person is not a big change to a family celebration.”

Well, it sounds like Meghan is melting the Queen’s heart once again.

Meghan, we all love you (and secretly want to be you.)


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