You Might Be Writing Your Checks Wrong — And There Could Be Major Consequences

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Let’s face it — no one likes writing checks.

Aside from the fact that you’re signing away tangible amounts of money, the check writing process is tedious and particular, with seemingly millions of steps to remember and execute correctly.

Since most of us learned how to first write checks long, long ago, it’s more than likely that we’ve made a crucial mistake in the check-writing process at some point in time.

Thankfully, we’re all in it together, in that some glitches in filling out those little slips of paper are more common than we realize.

Chances are, you’ve made one or more of these slip-ups in your life.

Here are eight common ways you might have been accidentally writing your checks wrong:

1. Forgetting to date the check
2. Incorrectly dating the check
3. Writing the check in pencil
4. Forgetting to sign the check
5. Signing with a signature that doesn’t match the one the bank has on file
6. Incorrect subject line
7. Misspelled name
8. Edited with crossouts, white out, etc

Banks, for good reason, are strict about accepting and cashing checks that have any of the above mistakes.

So next time you pull out your pen to write one in a hurry, we suggest you triple check.

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