Gordon Ramsay Will Never, Ever, Ever Eat On A Plane

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If there are any words of advice to heed from Gordon Ramsay, let this be it.

The iconic chef sat down with Refinery29 to talk kitchen gadgets and dinners, but forget that — we only learned one thing. Ramsay does not (we repeat, does NOT) eat on planes. Like, ever.

“There’s no f*****g way I eat on planes,” he exclaimed to the publication. “I worked for airlines for ten years, so I know where this food’s been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board.”

If he was to catch a meal at the airport, he’d most likely grab something from his restaurant at Heathrow Airport called Plane Food (no pressure!).

Ramsay isn’t the only chef to declare his aversion to airline food. Beloved chef Anthony Bourdain, too, has voiced his discontent for mile-high eating, saying, “No one has ever felt better after eating plane food.”

He added, “I think people only eat it because they’re bored. I don’t eat on planes. I like to arrive hungry.”

Airplane food has been known to have extremely high levels of sodium and preservatives. Not only does airplane food taste differently at a higher altitude, but your stomach ingests food differently while up in the air. Explained a flight attendant, it’s best to “have something to eat a couple hours before getting on the plane, but otherwise, it’s nothing but lots and lots of water.”

But if you are absolutely famished, take a look at the best and worst airline food for you.

Note taken, Mr. Ramsay.

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