This Supermodel Wants To Boycott Victoria Secret Due To Alleged Body Shaming

It’s no secret Victoria’s Secret is a household name.

But one supermodel has recently called out the companies practices — and encouraging women to boycott the brand.

Robyn Lawly is an Australian supermodel who strongly believes Victoria Secret must stop defining not just what but who is sexy.

The supermodel is currently spreading the word to boycott the brand as well as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, which was filmed last week.

Lawley created a petition on with the hashtag #WeAreAllAngels. Lawley believes that it’s time for Victoria Secret to realize that just one body type is sexy.

“Let’s help change Victoria’s Secret to be more diverse and inclusive of body shapes and sizes on their runways! Victoria Secret have dominated the space for almost 30 years by telling women there is only one kind of body beautiful,” Lawley wrote on the description.

Third Love, a body-positive underwear brand partnered with the supermodel, with co-founder and CEO of Thirdlove, Heidi Zak, sharing with Forbes the following:

“It is incredibly heartbreaking that Victoria’s Secret has been telling women there is only one kind of beautiful for 30 years. Women should expect more from the brands they support. If Victoria’s Secret can’t celebrate the beauty of all women’s bodies, then it’s time for us to step in and step up.”

Both Zak, as well as Thirdlove, are donating bras to women in need when other women display their support via social media.

“We wanted to use this moment to make a positive impact, so we are donating one bra to I Support the Girls for every use of the hashtag #WeAreAllAngels. I Support the Girls distributes gently used bras to women in need across the country, and we are humbled to be able to support this organization with this partnership,” Zak shared.

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is also not doing so well, with a decline in sales and viewership. Lawley hopes the decline in viewers watching the annual televised show will get Victoria Secret’s attention.

And if the company is not moved by Lawley’s voice — Lawly believes that possibly the investment community, as well as stakeholders in the business, will be able to move Victoria Secret in the right direction as many women do not support the image the company puts forth of what beauty and sexiness looks like.

Lawley’s petition aims to hold Victoria Secret accountable for not expanding on this particular image.

There is one body type that is fit to be called a Victoria’s Secret Angel and it’s usually a model who is very thin with huge breasts but much like Lawley [who is 6’2″ and a 14/16 Australian size] and the rest of the population, most women don’t fit the bill.

Lawley has been coined a “plus-size” model but she does not accept the label, instead calling herself “curvy.”

Lawley was the very first, non-conforming ‘curvy’ model to be featured in the 2015 edition of Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit edition and has also been featured on the covers of Vogue Italia, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire

To sign the petition, click here.

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