This Activist Believes Service Dogs Don’t Consent To Work And Should Be Replaced Immediately

Animal rights activists are important now more than ever but recently, one animal-lover may have gone a little too far..

Wendy Turner Webster recently appeared on a British morning show to stress how guide dogs should be replaced with technology as the animals do not give their consent to work.

If you are rolling your eyes right about now, so am I friend, so am I.


Webster admitted on ITV’s Good Morning Britain that she does not believe the dogs are unhappy or that they are being treated cruelly, but does believe animals are put in dangerous situations due to the job.

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She argued that working dogs — including guide dogs, sniffer dogs, police dogs as well as working sheepdogs, are used without consent, for the benefit of humans.

But, they are dogs — what do they want most in life? To be around humans! Can you really call it work?! Or just a dog that knows complex tricks?


Webster continued to say there should be a type of technology to replace them as there are ‘welfare’ issues with using guide dogs.

She said:

“The welfare issues are probably two fold; the first is that they are bred specifically for the program, and the 25 per cent of them that don’t make the grade have to be rehomed.

They’re going into a system which is already bursting full of dogs that need to find a new home.

The other thing is the concern as to what happens when the dog retires; not every guide dog owner can keep that dog.

It’s the whole welfare issue around it. We need new technology.”


Presenter Piers Morgan rebutted her answer, questioning Webster if she herself had been given consent prior to training her very own dog to sit at her command.

She also said how there is a ‘big difference’ between looking out for the dog’s safety and cruelty.

She then continued, saying:

“I know when I’m putting my animal, or any animal, in a potentially dangerous or vulnerable situation.”


Morgan then burst into a rant at the activist to end the interview, exclaiming:

“Oh you know what, Wendy, why don’t we just let guide dogs do their fabulous work for people who are blind and rely on them and can then get out and about because of their guide dogs?

The guide dogs always look happy to me, the people that they’re helping look happy to me.”



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And although Pierce is known to fan the flames of others due to his strong opinions — I feel this argument is pretty sound if you ask me.

Webster: we hope you decide to stand on the right side of history.

Because dogs danngnabbit like helping!

And if you ever wonder if they are really consenting, just look at their faces — they will say it all.


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