After This Doctor Claims His Patient Was Possessed And Needed Exorcism, Patient Sues

A former police constable allegedly claims that her general practitioner informed her she was possessed and took her to an exorcism.

She is now suing a doctors’ surgery for damages regarding her “treatment.” Sally Brayshaw, 54, was healing from bowel surgery when she reached out to Stoke-on-Trent’s Apsley Surgery in 2012.

But instead of treating Brayshaw’s pain and depression with medication, Dr. Thomas O’Brien suggested a “way of healing without medication.”

She claims that over a series of meetings, Dr. O’Brien informed her that the devil was “having a real go” at her and how there were supposedly “devil items” in her house. She also says at one particular religious meeting, a preacher demanded demons to come from inside of her.

The mother-of-six, Roman Catholic says the experience has left her filled with trauma. Brayshaw is fighting for up to around $65K in damages.

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“I don’t know how I got so sucked into things like I did,” Brayshaw shared in a witness statement.
“It was the first thing that I thought about when I woke up and the last thing at night.”

Dr. O’Brien has yet to respond to the claims. He was also taken off the medical register in 2015.

And according to the surgery’s partners, they claim O’Brien did not overstep his duty as a doctor and even if they did, they are not held accountable.

Their lawyers claimed that Dr. O’Brien was not an employee of the surgery, saying he was an “independent contractor”.

Justin Levinson, Brayshaw’s lawyer, shared to the court how she not only had gone through colon surgery back in 2012, but had other health problems as well.

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Along with dealing with chronic back pain, Brayshaw also battled depression along with other mental health problems. She called Dr. O’Brien discussing her depression, who offered her an ‘alternative healing method.’

“When he said ‘have you thought of other ways of healing?’ I thought he meant acupuncture or something like that,” Brayshaw stated to the judge.

From that point on, until January of 2013, Dr. O’Brien along with his wife Tina, continued ‘treatment’ which consisted of Brayshaw coming to their house to watch the Gospel Channel to “soak her with religious content.”

The pair, who claims to follow a Pentecostal form of Christianity, would also pray with Brayshaw, giving her religious gift and suggesting she “was possessed by demons.”

Brayshaw also shared how she went to a nightmarish religious meeting with Dr. O’Brien where a preacher by the name of Percy commanded demons to leave her body.

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“At the testimony where that story was given, Dr. O’Brien asked me to come to the front of the room to heal me and Percy asked me to hold my hands out as I could pass out,” she shared. “Percy blew on me and was commanding demons to leave my body. I let out a roar. I recall that Tony, my husband, said there was some sort of cult going on, but I thought he was insane. Dr. O’Brien and Tina said that Tony didn’t believe in the Lord. Tony didn’t like what Dr. O’Brien was doing from the beginning, but he put up with it because he was a GP.”

But the surgery denies that Dr. O’Brien and his ‘treatment’ resulted in any discord and that Brayshaw’s life is, in fact, the real reason she has her current symptoms, additionally claiming that they will not be paying any damages as Dr. O’Brien is not an employee.

The hearing at London’s High Court continues.

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