Boy’s Class Photo Goes Viral, Man Then Claims To Be His Father And Attempts To Profit From Funny Photo

One man by the name of Bill Muhammad on November 17, shared three photos of one boy via Facebook who’s demeanor seemed not at all pleased.

The images feature the small fry with a sad look on his face with the caption revealing why exactly the boy was not in good mood and it is very funny to say the least.

“I ate his pop tart before his class picture and he said he never smiling again,” Muhammad posted, after requesting prayers for “his son.” He hashtagged #poptartforeverfund #cashapp, including his Cash App account name, $bandobill. The Cash App is similar to that of Venmo which allows folks to send and receive money via electronic means.

The post soon went viral and garnered over 334K shares and 81K comments in just a few days.

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But the seemingly adorable post about a father and his son soon turned into drama after a woman by the name of Tantarnea Arnold shared Muhamad’s post.

The post revealed how he is not actually the little boy’s father, along with identifying the boy as her son and tagging his actual father — who is Michael Arnold.

The photos of Arnold’s son, Makari Arnold, are from 2017 according to WLTV in New Orleans.

They were taken at his daycare and his photo went viral after his cousin posted them.

And while Arnold admits that the memes inspired by Makari’s defiant face are humorous, she is struggling with the fact that her child is in the world’s view — especially as someone who is not his father, is claiming to be and attempting to profit from it.

“It’s disrespectful,” Arnold shared with WWLTV. “We just really want to get rid of all our social media and we’re on social media to stay in touch with our family and to share special moments…it really feels like a piece of you has been taken.”

Image via Facebook, LaShunta Arnold

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She wrote the following post to Facebook, saying:

“So Kari’s school pics from last year has went viral. Nothing we can do about that part…it is what it is. There are a lot of posts/memes going around about him, and I must admit, some are hilarious. But it still doesn’t sit well with me that he’s being posted world wide. But like I said, it’s out there now and we can’t stop it. However, if you happen to see a post where someone is claiming him as there child, that is not funny…I don’t care if it is just a joke. Don’t be out here trying to use our son for likes or money. That’s lame and so disrespectful. Please, if yall continue to see people claiming him, claiming the pic as there’s, creating GoFundMe accounts and making money from my baby pics, please report it and let us know. Thanks!”

Michael, Makari’s dad, also shared Muhammad’s post to Facebook — asking friends to bring to his attention any GoFundMe accounts in regards to his son.

Image via Facebook, LaShunta Arnold

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