Thanks To A Family Picture, Selfie Saves Man From 99-Year Prison Sentence

A man from Texas was saved from serving a 99-year prison sentence after posting a selfie of himself and his family that gave him a concrete alibi.

Christopher Precopia, 21, was taken aback when officers showed up at his workplace to arrest him for burglary with the intent to commit other crimes.

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And if he was found guilty, the crimes could have led to a life sentence.

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Precopia had been in Georgetown working at a lumberyard when officers took him into custody.

Allegedly, they gave Precopia little information as to what he was specifically being accused of.

When Precopia attempted to inquire, he was told, ‘Don’t act like you don’t know’.

He then became more confused as the officers stated they had a warrant for his arrest in Bell County, a location he was not familiar with.

Spending a day in the Williamstown County Jail, Precopia was finally released after his parents paid the hefty $150,000 bond after they took out loans — additionally spending thousands on a lawyer for Precopia.

Precopia shared with KVUE:

“I had no idea who accused me of this; I had no idea why everything was happening.

I was constantly fearful as to what could happen the next day… I was going to sleep hoping I wouldn’t wake up, just to get away from it.”

The accusations were made from Precopias’s former high school girlfriend who had claimed – falsely – how he had broken into her home.

The ex-girlfriend claimed Precopia had pushed her to the ground before he punched her in the face — then slicing an X shape with a box cutter above her chest.

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The ex-girlfriend wrote in a police report, saying:

“I could hear the slices being made.”

As she is not currently being charged with a crime, the identity of the ex-girlfriend is not being made public.

But Precopia wasn’t anywhere near the scene of the crime on the date given by the ex-girlfriend, September 20, 2017, and he had the picture to prove it.

Precopia had been with his mother, Erin Precopia, at a hotel in Austin — 65 miles away from where the accuser said he attacked her.

Image via Facebook

Precopia then took a selfie of himself along with his family that evening, posting it to social media.

The accuser claimed the attack happened at 7:20 p.m. but the selfie had been taken at 7:02 p.m.

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Image via KVUE

Precopia’s defense attorney Rick Flores shared with the Washington Post:

“He was very fortunate that she chose a date and time that he just happened to have a rock-solid alibi for. He and I have talked many times about how lucky he is, whether you believe in a higher power or good old-fashioned luck.”

The ex-girlfriend eventually admitted to police how she had been in a tumultuous relationship with Precopia years earlier and fabricated the story.

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