Man Gets Invited To Thanksgiving By Grandma Again Who Mistakenly Texted Wrong Number

This time last year, one grandma texted the wrong number which led to one really sweet addition to the dinner table.

Jamal Hinton who hails from Arizona, joined Wanda Dench for Thanksgiving dinner last year when she accidentally invited him over.

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The grandma decided to go with tradition and invited him over again this year.

Last year in November, the 17-year-old Jamal received the unexpected Thanksgiving dinner invite from grandmother, Wanda, who had been trying to invite her grandson Brandon instead.

Jamal then let Wanda know of the mistake — then jokingly asked if he could come over anyhow for dinner.

And Wanda said yes!

“Of course you can. That’s what grandmas do…feed everyone,” she said.

Image via Twitter

The story went viral after Jamal posted the exchange to Twitter and Wanda found herself getting so much attention from folks who also wanted a seat to the table that she had to change her number.

Quickly after the story went viral, the two met in person and Hinton got himself a seat at the table.

“She is a very sweet lady,” Jamal shared with NBC. “She told me her husband was a veteran and she always invited his friends over for dinner, so she’s used to having a lot of people over.”

“I just got a vibe from her that made me feel at home.”

And the two’s story didn’t stop there — in fact, it looks like the tradition may be one that will continue for years to come.

Dench shared with the Arizona Republic: “It was really nice having everybody here.

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“We got to laugh about last year and reminisce about how it all blew up on our phone and how I had to change my number. We had a laugh and a good time.”

Image via Twitter

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One user commented under the Twitter photos saying,

“I love that you are spending Thanksgiving together again. Blood isn’t always what makes a family! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!”

While another user said:

“OMG! That’s OUTSTANDING. Excellent Grandma work, Grandma”

“Awh, that’s so amazing! Crying happy tears. THIS is how the world SHOULD be. Thank you for sharing this story.” said another.

Image via Twitter

While one user said, “May all your Thanksgivings be that happy & memorable & all the Grandmothers you meet as awesome as Wanda. A heartwarming story!”

This Thanksgiving, we are reminded to share the wealth at our table. Whether you are eating with loved ones or new friends, this is a time to be thankful for old memories as well as new. We hope your belly’s are full this Thanksgiving but we also hope your heart’s are full as well!

We aren’t crying **YOU’RE** crying!

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