Post-Thanksgiving Travelers Face Flight Delays, Cancellations And Headaches Thanks To Winter Storm

Thanks to one, huge winter storm — post-Thanksgiving travel has been a little crazy, to say the least.

The winter storm has hit the Midwest in a big way according to Yahoo, affecting Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois as well as Missouri.

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Reports of 7,609 flights were delayed along with 1,593 canceled according to FlightAware.

Winter storm warnings will remain in effect for parts of the Chicago area through Monday, according to ABC7.

And according to AccuWeather, the O’Hare International Airport is experiencing delays lasting three-plus hours.

Portions of Michigan, Indiana and Illinois are slated to receive multiple inches of snow on Monday.

I-80, I-196 and I-94 are additionally will be facing blizzard conditions.

“Hazardous travel can be expected through this busy holiday travel day from the Central Plains into the Great Lakes. Areas impacted include Kansas City metro area today, and Chicago Metro area this evening and tonight. Heavy snow up to 18 inches and blizzard conditions may occur.” the National Weather Service tweeted on Sunday.

At the O’Hare International Airport, 400 outgoing and 409 incoming flights were called off — making O’Hare the airport with the most cancellations.

In Nebraska, car accidents were reported on Interstate 80.

While in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Illinois, a handful of schools canceled Monday classes.

CBS Chicago reported 304,000 homes and business lost power due to the dangerous storm.

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer declared a State of Disaster Emergency.

The Kansas Division of Emergency Mangement tweeted:

“We urge you to change your travel plans and stay off the roads. If you have to travel make sure you have a full tank of gas when you leave. There are power outages along some major highways with an extended line of no available gas due to the outages.”

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CNN reported the storm is expected to hit the Great Lakes area as well as the Northeast.

“The winter storm producing blizzard conditions in portions of the Midwest this evening, will shift northeast spreading heavy snow across the Great Lakes into New England through the first half of this week,” the National Weather Service tweeted.

Needless to say, folks are spooked.

To protect yourself during a blizzard while you are on the road, we have included a few tips below to not only keep you warm but also safe.

Be sure to avoid alcohol as it actually dehydrates and can lower your body heat.

Charging your cell phone is also a must heaven forbid you or your loved ones get stuck in your vehicle and need to make a call for help.

If you do need to travel during blizzard-like conditions, be sure to pack a survival kit stocked with non-perishable food, extra blankets, multiple changes of clothes, first aid kit, flashlights, water as well as batteries.

Safe travels this holiday season and be sure to be vigilant on the road, folks.

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