This Ornery Bear Decides On Frozen Corn Dogs For His Thanksgiving Feast

While those who celebrated Thanksgiving most likely had a variety of sides to chose from like green bean casserole, classic mashed potatoes and gravy or cheesy cauliflower — one bear had an unconventional meal for his Thanksgiving feast.

Yes, you read that correctly.

One very large, black bear decided to help himself to his very own Thanksgiving meal before hibernating in Northern California.

Image via Tom Stienstra / Tom Stienstra / The Chronicle

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Tom Stienstra, an outdoors writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, shared how his son, Kris, had come upon a surprise when he discovered their storage freezer had been visited by one furry guest.

“The bear got into my storage freezer,” Kris shared. “There was a big pork loin, venison and all kinds of stuff. I figured he wiped me out.”

But after a more thorough investigation, Kris was surprised at what he found.

“On the ground next to the storage freezer was this perfectly stacked pile of little sticks,” Kris said. He looked closer and couldn’t believe what he found.

Kris shared how the bear had snatched a box of 20 frozen corn dogs, took a seat — and one by one removed each corn dog from its wrapper and ate every dog off the stick while holding the tasty snacks between its paws.

Image via Pixnio

“The bear went through all of the corn dogs,” Kris said. “He completely ignored the giant pork loin right next to it. Then he stacked the sticks in a perfect little pile.”

And while the display of stacked sticks was a sweet sight to behold — encountering a bear is a whole other beast.

Should you ever have the unpleasant circumstance of coming in contact with a bear, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind.

First tip: AVOID BEARS!

This one may sound simple but bears usually avoid people and when people encounter a bear, it is most often by accident — according to the get BEAR SMART society.

If you must move through a bear habitat, do not do so silently and alone.

Image via National Park Service

Instead, travel in groups and make LOTS of noise by either talking or singing.


If you cannot avoid bears and you happen to stumble upon one — stick together! The closer you stick together, the more intimidating you look.

Image via Good Free Photos

If you are alone, remain calm and use your bear spray if you must. Oh yes, if you plan on being in bear habitat soon — you will want to stock up on bear spray which you can buy here.

Third tip: DON’T PLAY DEAD!

Let’s say the bear is protecting its cubs or feeding on an animal carcass and it feels threatened by your presence. The best thing to do is to put as much distance between you and the bear as possible.

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Leave the area quickly and quietly, and if possible — in the same direction you came in.

And most importantly, do not play dead and do not act aggressively.

Use your bear spray if you must.

And with that, I bid the bear fanatics adieu!

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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