Science Says Sleeping With Your Dog Results In The Best Possible Sleep

Science says it is so — sleeping next to your doggo may actually give you one of the best nights of sleep.

No ifs ands or barks about it!

As a dog lover, it is easy to understand how cozy it can be to snuggle up to our favorite dogs.

Between the kisses, cuddles and the occasional snore fest — the image of your sweet pup right next to you may be one of the best feelings in the world.

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And we are happy to report that science has actually backed up something we already loved doing!

A study that examined 962 women living in the USA, entitled, “An Examination of Adult Women’s Sleep Quality and Sleep Routines in Relation to Pet Ownership and Bedsharing,” studied how pet ownership impacted sleep.

They discovered that close to 55 percent of participants allowed at least one of their dogs to rest with them in their beds — while 31 percent shared their bed with *gulp* at least one cat.

I know, I know — you are probably thinking — hold on, this study is about dogs! And you are right, but bear with us…

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In the study, it was found that 57 percent of participants also shared their bed with their human partner.

But here comes the interesting part…

Research showed that while both cats and human partners were considered “disruptive,” dogs were the absolute best partner to share the sheets with.

Well, that is doggone’ delightful news if you ask me!

So if you have a huge doggo that takes up most of the best or a tiny lil’ pup that nestles on your chest — it seems that dogs are able to help us drift to sleep without too must disturbance.

And not to point fingers but maybe humans and cats should take a page out of the dog’s book!

But cuddling is not the only thing dogs love to do to us!

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It was also found that dogs are able to be up all night thinking about their problems.

The Royal Society scientific journal published a study that discovered how dogs also find difficulty in going to bed when they are preoccupied with their issues.

Like, getting that poodle down the street to finally notice them or maybe not being as good at catch as the neighbor’s pup I assume.

But what it actually means is that we have something in common with them!

After delving into the dog’s sleeping patterns, the study was able to measure how the dogs slept after positive or negative emotional experiences, like being called a good boy and having their head scratched, or being approached by a stranger.

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And after a negative experience, just like us, the dogs had a restless night’s sleep.

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But the good news?

The positive experience led the dogs to have a better night’s rest.

So what does this all mean for you?

Grab your dogs close and keep cozy with them this winter, both of you will benefit!

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