This Puppy Shows Up At Vet’s Office Sporting All Blue Fur

In the Galapagos Islands, one very odd puppy showed up at a vet clinic last month.

“A volunteer came in with a weird face, saying that there was a blue puppy outside,” social media manager of Darwin Animal Doctors, Zoe Hawthorne-Loizeaux, shared on the clinic’s Facebook group.

“The vets didn’t really know what she meant … a puppy with a blue tongue? Blue eyes? A new kind of dog maybe? So they all went out to actually see in front of them a puppy … painted blue.”

Image via Darwin Animal Doctors

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The owner of the 5-month-old husky, Taylor, had not brought in the puppy as a result of the blue paint but rather because she had not been eating and had been “a bit down for a couple of days.”

Thankfully the team was able to understand the symptoms were directly correlated to the paint.

“Taylor was apparently playing with a bag of blue paint mix before her owner found her completely blue and throwing up paint,” president of Darwin Animal Doctors, Tod Emko, shared with The Dodo. “Thus, even though the pup’s name was Taylor, the clinic bestowed [on] her the nickname Smurf.”

Image via Darwin Animal Doctors

And while Taylor looked pretty doggone adorable, the team was, in fact, concerned about her well being.

“Smurf came to us two days after the blue paint incident, which was a bit concerning because she had been throwing up blue paint for those two days,” Emko said. “No one is sure what kind of paint it was, but as you can imagine, it’s never good to eat paint.”

The team administered medication to help Taylor get better as well as requested the owner wash her.

“Smurf’s human family washed her several times with dog shampoo,” Emko added. “However, although it’s most people’s instinct to scrub off the paint, we advised the owner not to — only to wash her gently and give her as many showers as it would take to get it all off, until she looks like a husky again.”

Image via Darwin Animal Doctors

And just a few days later, Taylor had a follow-up exam at the clinic — and the vet staff was very impressed by her recovery.

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“She passed her physical exam with flying blue colors, the staff all started taking pictures of the miracle baby,” Emko said.

Phew, I am happy to hear the pup is a-okay! Feeling down and out is one thing but being actually blue is another — let this be a lesson to all you dog owners out there to make sure your home is puppy-proof!

Image via Darwin Animal Doctors

Although if your doggo is mature and all grown up and still chomping at items he shouldn’t, you may need to enroll him in dog school!

If your dog accidentally eats paint or another poisonous substance, you can contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

If you would like to do your part and help an animal in need today — you can also help dogs, cats and wild animals living in the Galapagos Islands by making a donation to Darwin Animal Doctors.

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