This Soccer Competition Is The World Cup For Little People

Everyone knows the biggest soccer competition on the planet: The World Cup.

But in Buenos Aires, Argentina, there’s a smaller tournament that’s big on inclusivity.

The Dwarf Copa America brought together teams from 9 countries, including the United States and Canada, Brazil, and Morocco.

The tournament was organized by the Argentine Talla Baja, which is Spanish for “short size”, Civil Association.

The main goal of the Copa America is to combat social prejudices against those with dwarfism and make a statement on behalf of a frequently stereotyped group.

“This project is an example of inclusion to demonstrate that we can all, despite having different capacities, we are common people and we can do sports and demonstrate our abilities.” one player shared.

The tournament also has a secondary motive of proving to Special Olympics groups that this unique form of football could be included in world competitions.

“We are still not recognized as a Paralympic sport, but I think that we will be in a Paralympic soon as the sport of short stature football.” another player added.

More than anything, this tournament provided an opportunity for members of a distinct community a chance to come together.

“We had never dreamed of playing an official game—a championship—an official cup of teams of short stature.” the player continued.

Truly, this tournament isn’t short on inspiration.

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