Woman Rejects Man On Tinder, Gets Series Of Horrifying Messages

If you are a twenty-something and in the market for a new partner — welcome to the world of online dating.

And let me be clear — you could be very lucky and swipe right on a normal, sweet and wonderful human.

Or, you, unfortunately, could be like this woman below and have an experience that is all too common when it comes to chatting with folks online.

Julia, a woman from Canada, recently shared her experience via social media after a man she had no interest in found her and sent her horrifying messages.

Image via @gothhunny/Twitter

Though the 20-year-old made it very clear she was not interested in the man i.e. swiping left on Tinder, the two did not match on Tinder but the man did not let that stop him.

He found Julia’s personal Instagram account and started to message here — not allowing ‘no’ for an answer.

Julia again requested the strange man to stop and leave her be — he continued to send her messages reprimanding her for rejecting him.

Posting her experience via Twitter, she said:

“i rejected a man today, who found me off tinder but we did not match. this is how the conversation ended after i said 6 times i was not interested.”

Image via @gothhunny/Twitter

The man continued to message Julia, saying how he should give him a change and refused to stop after she continued to plead for him to leave her alone.

Julia shared with UNILAD how she used her Instagram account to synch up with her Tinder so others would know she was not a catfish.

A catfish is when someone attempts to lure another into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.

But unfortunately, because she linked these accounts, the man was able to find her.

Image via @gothhunny/Twitter

She first explained how the man sent her a message, saying he had seen her on Tinder and wanted to ask her out.

She then responded asking him if they had matched and he replied with, ‘sometimes life isn’t a straight path’ and wanted to meet her.


At this point, Julia said she was not interested.

“His Instagram account was private and his ‘profile photo’ was not him so I had no idea who this person was. So why would I say yes to a date with a man with no face, no name and no age?”

Image via @gothhunny/Twitter

But that did not stop the man from wanting to know why Julia was on Tinder if she did not want to meet new people.

Julia shared with UNILAD:

“I wanted to just make it clear I wasn’t interested and have him accept that and leave me alone because he could easily just make another account if he didn’t finish what he had to say.”

He did not stop with his insults and was persistent — saying ‘you have no reason to say no, you are ON A DATING SITE,’ as well as stating she had issues, and then asking ‘why are you even alive? What’s the point if you’re just going to spread misery and negativity?’

Julia finally blocked the bizarre man and reported him to Instagram due to his harassing messages.

Shew there are some crazy people out there — be careful friends and don’t hesitate to block anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

No means no!

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