After Having A Severe Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye, This Woman’s Head Swells Into Scary Shape

After one woman almost died due to a severe allergic reaction to a DIY hair dye — she is warning others.

Estelle, a 19-year-old student from Paris, shared a series of photos of how her head swelled almost twice her size.

Image via Le Parisien

She had trouble breathing due to the allergic reaction.

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Estelle shared how the reaction to the DIY hair dye kit contained a chemical called paraphenylenediamine.

It is also known as PPD and is found in a wide variety of hair dyes.

Estelle shared with Le Parisien how she purchased the hair dye at a local store and followed the instructions.

Image via Le Parisien

But she did admit that instead of using the patch test for 48-hours she only waited a half hour prior to putting the dye on her head and all throughout her hair.

She shared with the news outlet how that how almost immediately, she felt that something was wrong.

Estelle’s scalp started to tingle and feel agitated.

As her scalp began to swell, Estelle took some antihistamines and applied a cream before going to bed, after a recommendation from a pharmacist.

But the morning she woke up — it had gotten much worse.

Her head ended up measuring 2 feet.

Estelle also shared how she had a ‘mild reaction’ to a previous hair dye, which was the reason why she did the patch test this past time, even though it was not for the full time.

Image via Le Parisien

Estelle’s mother hopes that her daughter’s reaction will help raise awareness about the DIY hair dye.

Her mom shared with the newspaper:

“It’s true that she didn’t follow the instructions word for word, but the warning has to be clearer.”

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Estelle continues to spread the word, warning folks of her mistake:

“I almost died, I don’t want something similar to happen to other people.”

Estelle thankfully has no lasting damage due to the hair dye but it is safe to say she won’t be dying her own hair for a while!

If you have found you are having an immediate, mild reaction to the dye, quickly rinse it off with warm water and mild soap or mild shampoo,health line states on their website.

Image via Le Parisien

One can apply the affected area with potassium permanganate which can help oxidize PPD. PPD can only cause an allergic reaction in a partially oxidized state.

You can also treat any contact dermatitis like itching with an over-the-counter, with a topical corticosteroid skin cream — which can be used on the face, neck and other parts of the body, aside from near the eyes or mouth.

Using Clobex, or any shampoo with topical corticosteroids can additionally help.

Applying a mild antiseptic like hydrogen peroxide can also help calm the skin and help reduce any irritation as well as blistering.

You can also take an oral antihistamine like Benadryl to help reduce any itching or inflammation.

If none of these options work, go to the ER immediately. Your hair and face will thank you!

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