Cat Calls For Help After Getting Stuck In Bizarre Spot

When she walked through her neighborhood in Manchester, England, one woman by the name of Janine Dawson heard frantic meowing coming from somewhere around her.

She was thankfully able to locate where the sound was coming from fairly quickly and found her neighbor’s cat, Simba, trapped between two houses.

Image via RSPCA

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The cat strangely managed to get between a gap in the two houses and was not able to get himself out.

Once the curious kitty realized he was not getting out alone, he started to meow and did not stop until someone found him.

Once Janine discovered Simba was stuck — she contacted the RSPCA hoping that someone there could help him.

After phoning the RSPCA, Emma Pollard, animal collection officer, along with Nichola Waterworth, inspector, was sent out to assess the situation.

Image via RSPCA

They were at first shocked and worried when they saw how stuck Simba was and was afraid it was more than they were able to handle.

“The poor cat was well and truly stuck in the gap and was crying very loudly,” Pollard shared in a press release. “At one point, I feared we wouldn’t be able to free him.”

In an attempt to pull Simba free, Pollard suck her hand down into the gap but the gap was too narrow.

Image via RSPCA

And after a few failed attempts, the crew decided to contact the Heywood Community Fire Crew.

Before the firefighters could get to work removing a few bricks to get closer to Simba, the cat was overwhelmed with a wave of energy and was able to pull himself close enough to the firefighters for them to pull him safely out of the gap.

Simba did not stop meowing the entire time, letting his rescuers know he was okay and continuing to fight towards freedom.

Image via RSPCA

“When he was finally pulled free he was very subdued so we took him to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital for a check-up where he was given the all-clear,” Pollard said. “It’s great when a rescue like this has a happy ending and we are able to reunite a much-loved pet with their owner.”

Sania Anwar, Simba’s owner, was apparently at work during the entirety of the rescue.

When she returned home, Janine was there to explain what had happened and how Simba was safe.

Image via RSPCA

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Anwar went to the animal hospital immediately to go pick him up and was ecstatic he was safe and unharmed.

“Normally when I come home from work and park on the driveway Simba always comes running up to meet me, but he didn’t that day,” Anwar shared. “When I got back home that evening, Janine came out to meet me and I knew straight away there would be something wrong with Simba. I’m so grateful to her and those who rescued him.”

Image via RSPCA

And we are too! Hopefully lil’ Simba will learn from his mistake and be a little less curious next time.

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