Little Girl Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Santa, Asks Him To Bring New Kidney For Older Brother

This year, one sweet and selfless little girl asked Santa for a gift this year — and on her brother’s behalf.

The little girl had requested a new kidney for her older brother in a letter to Santa.

A manager at a Franklin, North Carolina, Lowe’s, Shelly Thomas, discovered the sweet letter in the store’s Santa mailbox from a little girl named Kaitlyn.

Image via Shelly Thomas (Facebook)

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The message was written in crayon and read:

“Some may not believe in you. But I do. One thing I really want for Christmas is my big brother to get a kidney transplant. PLEASE.”

It was signed, “Kaitlyn, FL.”

Image via Shelly Thomas (Facebook)

Thomas believes Kaitlyn and her family must have been visiting North Carolina from Florida as the area gets a lot of out of town visitors from that particular state.

There was not any more information on the letter that could help Santa or a generous donor, to locate both Kaitlyn and her family.

“It’s believed Kaitlyn wrote the letter on Friday or early Saturday morning,” Thomas shared in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle.

On the morning of Friday, Nov. 23 as well as Saturday, the mailbox had been emptied — which was when Kaitlyn’s request was discovered.

“Associates enjoy reading the letters to see what toys children are requesting for Christmas. That’s when I found Kaitlyn’s note,” she said.

Image via wikimedia commons

This year, every U.S. Lowe’s store has a mailbox for letters to Santa. Thomas estimates they receive 50-60 letters to Santa daily on the weekends as of late at their particular store — but it was Kaitlyn’s letter that struck a chord in many of the employees.

Unlike most kids, Kaitlyn wishes only for her brother to get healthy this Christmas with a new organ — not even including a “P.s.” to request a new toy for herself.

“As a mom and a grandma, I teared up reading that letter,” Thomas said. “It shows what kids really think about. They think about others, it’s not just themselves.”

Image via flickr

Thomas wants to find Kaitlyn to share how there are folks who want to support them.

“She wants to find the family to let them know people care and support them,” a representative from Lowe’s shared with Yahoo Lifestyle. “She also said if this raises awareness of the importance of organ donation that will be another positive.”

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Since the discovery of the letter, Thomas has posted a photo of the note to Facebook.

It has since been shared over 800 times.

Folks commented encouraging words, like:

“I pray that you find this child.” and “Keep sharing and there is a great possibility her wish will come true. Praying for this child’s wish.”

While one user even offered to donate his:

“I’m A+. If I am a match, I’ll donate one of mine. I don’t drink so I wouldn’t miss it. Let me know.”

And as of Thursday afternoon, Kaitlyn has yet to be identified, according to a representative from Lowe’s.

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