This Is Why US Women Have Such Issues Shopping For Lingerie

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What’s the difference between shopping for bikinis versus lingerie? They’re basically the same thing, right?

We don’t mind (but sometimes enjoy!) shopping for new suits. We hit the shops, credit card in hand, ready to splurge on the hottest new two-piece.

But when it comes time to shop for lingerie, many women avoid it. Either it’s too expensive, too uncomfortable or too ugly. Nearly 80% of American women only have one bra that makes them feel confident. Although many have a whole drawer stacked with bras, they choose to wear the same bra every day.

Of course, it’s natural to have a favorite bra. But if it’s because all of our other bras are ugly or uncomfortable, then clearly there’s a problem. Whether it’s an issue with today’s bra retailers or what we’re choosing to put on under our clothes, it’s time for a change.

Why can’t bras feel great, look great and not break the bank? One international brand is striving to change the way we think. Rigby & Peller’s inspires women all around to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin by offering lingerie that feels great and looks amazing too.

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