Your Intelligence Is Inherited From This Parent

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Finally, something you learned in middle school biology is relevant!

We know that our genes play a huge factor in who we are. Genetics influence not only what we look like, but our interests, abilities, health and so much more. And now we know a little more about brains and genetics.

Recent research reveals that your intelligence can be traced back to your mother. The genes that influence how smart we are are located on the X chromosomes. And if you recall, women have two X chromosomes.

There’s basically no way your smarts come from Dad. If that intelligence gene is passed on from your father, it’s simply deactivated because it’s a gene that ‘behave[s] differently depending on their origin’.

However, while genetics aren’t a sole influencer in how smart a person is, your mother’s IQ is a huge influencer of your IQ. But it’s also about the bond between parents and children, their relationships and attachment.

So, if you didn’t understand most of this, just know Mom is the reason you didn’t get into Harvard.

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