This Baby Jumping Festival In Spain Is A Must-See

Once a year, devils run amok through the streets of a small town in Spain, jumping over newborn babies in order to rid them of sin.

The festival is known as El Salto De Colacho, or the flight of the devil, and it’s been celebrated in one part of Northern Spain since around 1620.

Known locally as El Colacho, the festival takes place 60 days after Easter each year in the town of Castrillo de Murcia.

El Colacho begins with masked devils walking through the streets, whipping onlookers with horse hair whips and hurling insults at them.

But the main event involves laying out babies born during the previous year onto pillows along a path.

The babies are then jumped over by the devils.

Now at this point, you are probably asking, why?

It is thought that the jumping devil “absorbs” the sins of the babies protecting them from future misfortune.

And while there haven’t been any accidents, yet, you have to wonder, is it just a matter of time?

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