Christmas Song Banned By Radio Station For Being A ‘Rape Song’, English Teacher Reveals Song’s Origins

Ah, Christmas — the most magical, stressful and expensive time of year.

And speaking of stress, this season tends to stir up a lot.

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Especially when it comes to the song ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside.’

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One radio station decided to ban it completely after multiple listeners reached out to complain about how the message behind the song was not appropriate.

Many took to Twitter in response to this news, commenting on what they really thought about the controversial song.

One user shared how no one else really needs to do a cover of the song, while another user warned how the carol is a ‘rape story’ if you listen closely enough.

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Another user boldly stated how we all collectively need to put an end to the “Rape Anthem Masquerading As A Christmas Carol.”

And yet, throughout all the harsh criticisms — one former English teacher decided to cut through the red tape and defend the edgy duet.

In a Tumblr post that is now viral, they explained how for its time — the song actually has feminist qualities to it.

The author argues how context matters — and though we live in the #MeToo movement — the lyricist Frank Loesser was actually trying to get a different message across in 1944.

The author writes,

“Hi there! Former English nerd/teacher here. Also a big fan of jazz of the 30s and 40s.

So. Here’s the thing. Given a cursory glance and applying today’s worldview of the song, yes, you’re right, it absolutely *sounds* like a rape anthem.

BUT! Let’s look closer!

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‘Hey what’s in this drink?’ was a stock joke at the time, and the punchline was invariably that there’s actually pretty much nothing in the drink, not even a significant amount of alcohol.

See, this woman is staying late, unchaperoned, at a dude’s house. In 1940’s, that’s the kind of thing Good Girls aren’t supposed to do — and she wants people to think she’s a good girl. The woman says outright, multiple times, that what other people will think of her staying is what she’s really concerned about: ‘the neighbors might think,’ ‘my maiden’s aunt’s mind is vicious,”there’s bound to be talk tomorrow.’ But she’s having a really good time, and she wants to stay, and so she is excusing her uncharacteristically bold behavior (either to the guy or to herself) by blaming it on the drink — unaware that the drink is actually really weak, maybe not even alcoholic at all. That’s the joke.”

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The author goes on to share how the song is not about how she is drunk and is about to get raped. It’s a joke about how she is perfectly sober and about to have some awesome consensual sex, using the drink for plausible deniability due to her living in a society where women are not supposed to have a sexual agenda.

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And when you put it that way, how can you get upset? Maybe the song isn’t so bad after all!

After all, consensual sex is the best kind of sex.

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