Yes, There Is A Dating App For Trump Supporters And Yes, They Will Sue Any Liberal Who Tries To Join

Looking for love? There is an app for that. Whether you are a fan of Hinge, Tinder, Bumble or Christian Mingle — there is a swiping service for just about every group of people.

So what if you are a Trump supporter just trying to find a lover in a red hat who believes in borders and bullies? We got you covered. 

Okay, so technically the dating app is yet to be released but the dating ap for Trump supporters will be called “Righter” and the app’s CEO is so serious about its users being genuine — that she is threatening to sue any liberals that attempt to join.

Weird flex, but okay. 

Making threats and the app hasn’t even dropped yet? Challenge accepted. 

Christy Edwards Lawton, the app’s founder — shared how she was inspired to create the app when she crossed paths with a gorgeous Trump supporter who could not for the life of them get a date at a fancy-shmancy New York City party. 

Lawton shared with The Daily Beast how mainstream dating apps and sites are turning away Trump supporters in overwhelming numbers. 

“I kept hearing repeatedly how they kept getting swiped left on and couldn’t even get a date.” Lawton expressed. 

The app’s founder continued saying she will even go as far as using lawsuits to keep out the scary liberals who threaten to lure away resources that do not belong to them. 

Sound like someone else we know?

Lawton shared with The Daily Beast:

“I have a very nice legal team that will be handling that,” Lawton said. “This is zero tolerance.”

Despite their legal team being coined as “very nice,” it seems like the app is not very open-minded. 

Does anyone else see this not ending well? Let me clarify: not ending well *for Trump supporters*. 

I am already excited to read all the terrible text exchanges posted to Instagram between the red hats and liberals who snuck their way onto the app *rubs hands together in a fervor.*

The Twitter account for the dating app boasts tweets such as “Conservative women are the smartest, sexiest, most beautiful women on earth and they are looking for their Conservative man on Righter!” along with “We created Righter to be a safe space for Conservative #MAGA Singles to meet, date and fall in love without being harassed by mean, nasty, foul-mouthed Liberals.”


Lawton was recently interviewed on Your Voice and despite her love for Tinder, claims Righter will help you find your ‘diamond.’

Other features of the app include policing each other for when men don’t pay on the first date.

The app will also not allow you to hide your age or allow anyone to photo shop their photos. But hey, the site is offering premium account benefits to any of the members of the military because #merica. 

Did you know that this is not the first company that has attempted to create a “safe place” for Trump fans? It’s true. Other stipulations for this particular app include *not being gay* and I am shaking my head as I write this.  This seems like an appropriate time to leave this gem here to help you muster through all the bleeding bigotry seeping out of this post.

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