YouTube User Offers $100,000 To Anyone Who Can Prove The Earth Is Not Flat Then Refuses To Pay Up

Flat Earthers can be defined as folks who believe that the earth is actually a flat plane, much like a disk, as opposed to a sphere.

You could say they are a special breed of people, as they turn their head the other way when it comes to science and facts and everything in between.

An actual depiction of what a Flat Earther believes Earth looks like
Image via Wikimedia Commons

So you can imagine when one YouTube user, coining himself as the ‘Flat Out Hero,’ offered $100,000 to anyone, ANYone, who could offer him proof that the Earth is not flat — the internet stepped up to the challenge.

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The video was captioned:

“It’s impossible, but don’t tell the globetards that! This is the final nail in the ball earth coffin, and I am happy to be the one to hammer it in!!!”

In the video, he also gives a shout out to YouTube user Wolfie6020 — the one who initiated the challenge.

So….what is this challenge again?

Okay, the challenge the Flat Out Hero requested of Wolfie was to use flight charts to navigate a plane from Point A to Point B and from Point B to Point C, before heading home. This was to ensure that the same distance is flown between each point, using only 90-degree turns.

And if that entire last part confused you, don’t worry — I am also confused too.

Image via YouTube

But Woflie, thankfully, was not phased at all by the challenge.

In October, he posted a video including the flight path which met all of the requirements the Flat Out Hero requested.

The video was appropriately titled ‘This Flat Earther Owes Me $100,000.’

Do you see where we are going with this?

After Woflie went to all the trouble, he flat out asked Flat Out Hero is he was ready to hand over the money but was told that he did not intend the word ‘chart’ to be used as a verb.

Woflie intended $50,000 to go towards the Westmead Children’s Hospital, while the rest would go towards future contests.

Image via YouTube

But the flat-out liar also added that he did not want electronic charts to be used, which led Wolfie to upload yet another video displaying how his flight paths could be mapped on paper.

And after reviewing Woflie’s plans — the Flat Out Hero admitted that he had in fact done the impossible but he still believed that it was impossible to fly it — and therefore would not be paying out as he did not think that Earth was round.

Cue an insane eye roll to the VERY back of my head.

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The internet appropriately responded, viewing the odd back and forth — suggesting that the Flat Out Hero may have not had the cash in the first place but hey — if you are taking this time to wonder what this all means and is the earth actually round — yes the earth IS round.

But if you don’t believe me, I have some flat-out, tough love for you.

You ready for it?

In the words of the Flat Out Hero, don’t be a “globetard.”

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