Hugh Hefner’s Chef Reveals Secrets From The Playboy Mansion Kitchen

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The world lost the legendary media mogul Hugh Hefner, a trailblazer of all things style, entertainment and relationships.

The 91-year-old icon, who died peacefully surrounded by family, was often criticized for his unconventional work — but when it came to food, Hefner did not mess around.

According to reports, the Playboy Mansion featured 12 full-time chefs who cooked for both Hefner as well as the Playmates. It was Hefner’s goal to make the girls “feel at home,” explained the director of food at the mansion William S. Bloxsom-Carter in a 2011 interview with Haute Living.

Hef loved home cooked meals so much that he often brought prepared foods from his chefs to restaurants. The models “pick from the menu, but I have lamb chops and a baked potato sent in from the mansion, so [my meal] is set,” Hefner explained in 2007 according to the Telegraph.

Lamb chops and grapefruit were some of his favorites, amongst fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Sticking to his Midwestern roots, Hef had his chefs replicate his mother’s fried chicken. Revealed the chef, “He’s a Midwestern gentleman, so he enjoys those kinds of foods.”

But life inside the Playboy Mansion wasn’t all that pop culture made it seem. “It really annoys me when people say I have a cushy job. They think the girls are in lingerie and six-inch heels standing by my desk and waiting for my next commend,” explained Bloxsom-Carter.

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