After Taking Half A Million Dollars From Tuition Fees And Donations, These Nuns Gamble In Sin City

After embezzling half a million dollars from a Catholic school and then blowing it all on a gambling trip to Las Vegas — two California nuns need to start repenting and stat. 

At St. James Catholic School in Torrance, CA, parents shared how the nuns took the money from student tuition fees and donations over the course of ten years — while the sisters stressed how the school was working off a bare-bones budget. 

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Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Lang, the two nuns, will not be prosecuted and not-so-surprisingly, retired so that they cannot be fired. 

They have apologized but it is not clear whether the money was returned or not. 

As you can imagine, Twitter delivered on one-liners and zingers and it would only be appropriate to share them here below for your viewing pleasure. 

“*deep movie voice*In a world where the people have lost faith, two sisters of the cloth are about to let the chips fall where they may. From Paramount Pictures comes a story straight out the convent. These nuns have taken vows to be… ALL IN.”

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“This story has everything! Two nuns embezzled $ from a Catholic school then used their ill-gotten gains to gamble in Vegas. If you tried to pitch this as a script, no one would buy it. They’d say it’s not believable! #twonunswalkintoacasino”

“As alumni of Catholic schools from 1st through 12th grade having had many nun teachers, I am thoroughly amused by this headline. #notmad”

“What they do with their money in Vegas is nun of our business.”

“The heroes we need and deserve.”

“Maybe it was one of those weird comedy movie plots where they stole the money to gamble for more so the school could afford to keep the friendly janitor or prom? Along the way, they learn about sin, friendship, and enjoying life. Two Nuns in Vegas coming to a theater near you.”

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“SFAM is canceled. Come back Monday for my new comic, ‘Jeez Louise,’ a slice-of-life comedy where we follow wayward nun Sister Louise (Mary Louise Parker) on her quest to save the souls of all of Las Vegas.”

To become a nun according to A Nun’s Life Ministry, a few things have to happen in case after reading this article — you feel this life is calling you. 

You must be a Catholic woman with no dependents, single , healthy, 18-40 years old and no outstanding debts. 

It is also noted that any professional experience is encouraged such as a college degree or a previous career. 

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If you are toying over the idea of becoming a nun,  A Nun’s Life Ministry suggests first praying about it, followed by meeting other nuns. From there, talking with a mentor is a great next step to see if being a nun would be a good fit for you. 

And if everything seems to be a good fit after this last step — contacting a religious community and working with a vocation director to place you in the right community are the last and final steps. 

And if you are still nunnnn-sure, pray about it. Because being a nun doesn’t mean you can get away with embezzlement, okay?

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