This Grandpa Works Out Everyday Dressed As A Leopard

Workouts come in all shapes and forms.

But for one Chinese grandpa, his workout takes the form of a leopard.

Youren Mi, a 68-year-old from the town of Jinan in northeastern China, calls it “leopard fitness”, and it means just that: each day he puts on a leopard suit and adopts the movements of the big spotted cat in public squares around town.

On any given day he can be seen crawling around on all fours, running down stairs, or testing his flexibility and balance.

He can also be seen lying down, resting, as cats tend to do.

Mi says he has been practicing leopard fitness for nearly 20 years, adopting the unique workout when he was 50.

But of all the animals, why a leopard?

Although the big cats make a great fitness inspiration due to their ability to run more than 35 miles per hour and leap more than 20 feet, Mi says his revelation came from a program he saw on TV.

“The reason why I created leopard-style fitness is that I was curious about the African leopards chasing antelopes when I watched Animal World on TV.”

While Mi does his fitness routine for his own health, it’s an added bonus to entertain tourists and onlookers.

“I do leopard fitness in the squares and parks wherever I go. And people like me very much.”

Still, if it takes channeling a leopard to be this fit at age 68, I say don’t hang up your spots now.

What do you think, is leopard fitness the cat’s pajamas?

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