Man Decides To Bring Home New Pet For Christmas, Surprises Family

One North Carolina woman received a Christmas gift she won’t soon forget — and the reveal was the most chill possible way to give the said gift. 

The woman’s husband showed her the Christmas gift on his phone…and the picture?

It was of a baby cow. 

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Amanda Smith was floored. 

“I’ve wanted one since I was very little,” Smith explained. “He found one in Maryland at a dairy farm.”

Many baby cows (males especially) that are born on dairy farms usually have futures that are dim, to say the least. 

But the Smiths wanted to give a baby cow of their own a home. 

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They adopted a cow named Finn, thinking he would make a great addition to their family — which included rescue dogs. 

It wasn’t for another few weeks before Finn could be brought back to North Carolina (where the Smiths live) but when they did — Amanda was finally hit by the overwhelming joy of her new pet. 

“[Finn’s owner] met us halfway at a parking lot and [Finn] was so freaked out,” she remembered. “We opened the door and I was like, ‘Oh my God.'”

But Finn quickly realized how his new family was perfect for him. 

“We bottle-fed him for a long time!” Smith remembered.

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It has been two years since Finn came home with the Smiths and he has grown up in one of the most loving homes. 

He also has had plenty of things to explore and fall in love with — one of those things being water. 

Finn once took a swim in a local river and seemed to really enjoy himself so his family — naturally — took him to the beach. 

When it is a bit colder out, Finn loves to play in the snow and help his family with both building (and tearing down) snowmen. 

Finn also helped encourage a local toy drive last year. 

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“I just want him to be a blessing to other people,” Smith said. “I want him to just brighten people’s day.”

And Finn was in for a big surprise this year when the Smiths decided to adopt Daisy, another cow. 

And while Finn likes Daisy, his humans are his absolute favorites. 

“I think she’s more attached to him than he is to her!” Smith said. 

Now that Finn is fully grown at age 2, Finn enjoys hanging inside the house with the dogs along with Smith’s kids. 

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“We have three kids, and they love him,” Smith said. “They say Finn has better birthdays than they do. He gets measured on the wall like they do.”

And while Finn is well loved — he takes time to give back, visiting county fairs as well as schools to love on the community. 

“He’s a lot smarter than people think,” Smith said. “He was at the county fair and the kids just loved him, and a lot of the time it’s their only time to see a cow in person.”

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And while the Smiths holiday plans are still up in the air, one thing is for certain: they will be spending lots of time with their favorite Christmas gift of all, Finn. 

“When Finn comes inside, [our dogs] kind of go, ‘Great, he’s in the house again!'” Smith shared. “Last year, he tried eating the Christmas tree.”

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