Raging Mother Posts Photo Of Son To Facebook After School Says He Is ‘Overweight’

After the National Child Measurement Programme (NCM) stated how her four-year-old son Harley was ‘overweight,’ one mom from Preston, England, was beyond angry. 

Mica Pullen posted to Facebook to share the letter she received from Harley’s school that said how the three-foot and six inches boy who weighed 49 lbs. was overweight for his age, sex and height. 

Image via Facebook

As a part of the NCM, Harley was weighed to help understand his body mass index (BMI) as well as his overall health. 

Paired with a picture of Harley in shorts and a Hercules-style pose, the 29-year-old, mother-of-two shared the letter. 

The photo was captioned with saying: 

“I am absolutely fuming!!!! Receiving this letter from the NHS telling me my child is overweight!!! This is a photo taken 2 minutes ago please tell me if you think my Harley is overweight!!!! I can’t believe it honestly. 

Image via Facebook

Mica’s followers were quick to comment support, saying: 

“Mica what a disgrace he is far from overweight, and we all know how active the boys are with normal stuff and football. You have two very healthy and happy boys, all the go off is some out-dated chart that says oh this height and age should equal this, tell them to stick it up there arse and keep doing what you do. I am furious for you.”

As well as: 

“You know your child better than anyone else he’s the absolute picture of health.”

Mica responded, saying: 

“I’m really upset about it my boy is happy and healthy and not fat!!! He eats fruit yes he has treats but he is very active and I make sure overweight has something to do each night, he doesn’t binge, and he doesn’t want s**t for a living. I’m so p****d off!!”

Image via Facebook

Mica went on to share with the Lancashire Post how she was left feeling ‘insecure’ after the ordeal. 

She went onto share: “A healthy diet is part of our lives and I make sure he eats healthily.

“I started to doubt myself when I read the letter and I felt like I needed reassurance that I wasn’t doing something wrong. But I am angry that I have been made to feel that way.

“I was pleased to get the support of so many parents on the Facebook page but I shouldn’t have to be looking for reassurance and made to feel insecure.”

Image via Facebook

“The effect on me and my family has been ridiculous. My son is a very happy boy and is in good health.”

Mica has since decided to make a petition, sharing: 

“It’s crazy how far this is going and yes I know that lots of other parents have gone through this and it’s not only us but if I can stand and make a change I will! It’s not about being in a few papers it is about helping parents not feel upset, angry about these decisions being made, it is about helping that child even if it is 1 not gain[ing] an eating disorder. There are so many underlining issues with this subject and the contact I am getting off parents is unbelievable!”

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