This Coyote Proof Vest Worn By A Tiny Chihuahua Will Be The Cutest Thing You See All Day

When she was around 2 years old, Beanie was adopted by her mom after being rescued from a hoarding situation. Beanie was hesitant and scared when she was first rescued, but her new mother changed that. 

“She was so tiny and sad when I first got her,” Beanie’s mom, Amina Akhtar, shared with The Dodo. “I saw her little face and knew I had to have her in my life.”

Image via Amina Akhtar

Now Beanie is 8 years old and over the past six years, she has grown into her own little character. Everyone who knows Beanie adores her facial expressions and appreciates her spunky attitude. 

“She’s hilarious,” Akhtar said. “She’s a very quiet dog unless the UPS guy is outside. She’s a lover, one of the sweetest dogs ever. She just wants to lick you and get belly rubs and snacks. She can never get enough food! She tries to sneak snacks all the time.” 

Image via Amina Akhtar

Originally, both Beanie and her mom lived in New York City but a few years ago — the duo moved to Arizona to be closer to Akhtar’s father. And as the big city is much different than the mountains near Sedona — the two have had to adjust accordingly to a few, new aspects. 

This includes coyotes.

“It’s wildlife central,” Akhtar said. “This is their land, too. We have coyotes, javelinas, bobcats and mountain lions. I have to be careful that nothing is outside before we go out, but sometimes they sneak up on you. One day a coyote was like 12 feet from Bean and I was a little farther away and my heart stopped.” 

Image via Amina Akhtar

As Beanie is a very small dog, her mom is very protective of her when they are outside. But as an extra precaution, she started researching other ways to keep Beanie safe while playing outside from wild animals. 

“Once I realized how many coyotes were around, I had to do something,” Akhtar said. “I would be so upset if moving her here caused her to get injured.” 

So Akthar did something alright. To ensure Beanie’s safety, she purchased a “coyote vest” for the pup to wear on their walks. 

The vest is pink, spiky and hilarious looking but on Beanie paired with her facial expressions? It’s amazingly cute and funny. 

And while Beanie detests her coyote vest — all of Akhtar’s friends and family adore seeing her wear it. 

They loved it so much that Akhtar posted a photo of Beanie sporting her vest to Twitter and the internet fell in love with Beanie. 

Image via Amina Akhtar

“At first it got a little attention and I thought that was cool,” Akhtar said. “And then I woke up the next morning and it was insane. I’m just happy I made people laugh and they got to fall in love with Bean and her facial expressions.” 

And as Beanie detests her vest very much — her mom only makes her wear it when she has to. 

But if Beanie understood that she is an internet legend because of that vest — maybe she would change her tune when she has to pops it on….

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