This Homeless Man Gets Admited To Hospital Along With These Furry Friends

Cris Mamprim, a healthcare worker, along with her colleagues at Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Brazil, veiwed a scene they could not get out of their minds. 

It was a picture of pure love to say the least. 

Image via Facebook

A homeless man named César came into the hospital around 3 a.m. to receive treatment along with medication for a health problem he has been facing. 

This was not the facility the man regularly attended, so Mamprim along with other staffers inquired about his condition along with his story. 

They quickly realized that their new patient was not alone. 

César life was full of friends, despite not having any material possessions. The staff looked out the hospital’s front door to see a large group of dogs who were very excited for him to return back outside. 

Image via Cris Mamprim

Mamprim realized that this man had decided to take in the dogs who normally would not have anyone to take care of them. 

César shared how he usually passes up food he would normally consume himself to make sure the dogs are able to eat a good meal. 

“They are all well taken care of and chubby,” Mamprim shared with The Dodo. “Seeing them like that, waiting at the door, only shows how much they are cared for and loved.”

While the dogs were well-behaved, they were anxious to see their friend come back outside. 

While giving César the medication he required, the staff invited the dogs inside to make sure César had his companions close by. 

The staff also fed César and his sweet, furry friends. 

Image via Cris Mamprim

“Believe me, he ate some and saved a bit to give the dogs later,” Mamprim said.

César was discharged after an hour at the hospital, Mamprim watching along with the rest of the staff him leave with his crew of canines. 

“He has the best companions with him,” Mamprim later wrote. “I do not know what his life is like, or why he’s on the street, but I admire the respect and love he has for his little animals […] If only everyone were like this.”

Many were quick to praise the facility’s kindness along with how very sweet the dogs were, saying: 

“This is the best story ever! This cute bunch shows their loyalty to the man that cares and loves them, by waiting for him to leave the hospital. Moreover, the hospital had the heart to welcome them in and feed them. Beautiful story!”

Image via Cris Mamprim

“Today I saw and understand why animals deserve our respect ….what I do not understand is how to respect the human being who does not respect the human being-!!!!!”

Many folks also chimed in to wish César well, saying: 

“Extraordinary what you uploaded! [Congratulations] to you and [congratulations to] that good man, [I] hope [he has] a better quality of life.”

“Thanks, Cris, you got to know a beautiful story: we should take the animals for example. They are never cruel, they have [the instinct] of survival, but they do not know cruelty as unfortunately human beings. Thanks, thanks again. I hope César can be helped somehow.”

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