After An Undertaker Hears ‘Muffled Cries’ Come From Coffin, Funeral Heads To Hospital

You don’t take the job as an undertaker for the glitz and glamor of it all.

And if you are not sure what an undertaker is exactly, let us help you:

An ‘undertaker’ is defined as “a person whose business is preparing dead bodies for burial or cremation and making arrangements for funerals.” according to Google. 

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Not exactly joyous stuff to say the least…

This past week, one undertaker was in for the surprise of his life — err well his and someone else’s life we should say…

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, an undertaker had stop the funeral procession mid-way because of some strange noises coming from the coffin.

Local reports share that while a group of mourners were on their way to the funeral of a 65-year-old woman — the undertaker had to turn around to the hospital after hearing muffled cries and banging noises coming from the coffin.

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Relatives alerted the undertaker regarding the odd sounds — who then made the decision to receive professional medical advice heading back to towards the hospital.

Footage was released of the scene — which shows family members circling the back of the hearse looking upon the coffin.

But once the funeral procession made its way to Blas L. Dubarry Hospital, doctors looked over the body and confirmed the 65-year-old woman was in fact dead and had been so for ‘at least 24 hours.’

Did anyone else just get chills right now?

It is unclear the exact source of the noises the family allegedly heard but doctors said the family was either mistaken about where the sounds were coming from — or that they were caused by a buildup of gasses or stiffening of the muscles, which include the vocal chords – which can occur after death.

So that’s comforting, I guess?

A woman in South Africa earlier in the year reportedly woke up in a mortuary fridge after medics declared her dead due to a car crash.

Image via Wikimedia

The woman chose to remain anonymous but shared how she was involved in a ‘horrific’ car crash when Distress Alert – an ambulance service – arrived at the scene and announced the woman dead, alongside two others who were in the car with her.

TimesLive reported that though the bodies were taken to a nearby morgue and checked by a member of staff — they noticed that one of the bodies was still breathing.

Gerrit Bradnick, Distress Alert’s operational manager, said he had “no idea” how it happened.

It sounds like either someone did not do their job or, the more interesting theory, the woman actually was dead and came back to life somehow.

Bradnick shared how the equipment used by the team displayed no signs of life and how there was “no proof of any negligence.”

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The woman’s family was not very happy with the team, as you can imagine.

One family member shared with the BBC: “The issue is that we need answers, that’s all we want and we don’t have any clarity now.”

Sounds like an awkward conversation no one hopes they are apart of — let us hope when our time comes, it comes and goes — and that is that.

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