This Concept ‘Superyacht’ That Comes Equipped With An Infinity Pool Is Vacation Goals To The Max

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In case these gorgeous Jamaican overwater bungalows were simply too stationary for you, an Italian designer has announced a brand new concept that’ll allow you to enjoy all that luxury on the go.

Gabriele Teruzzi has developed a concept for a very unique “superyacht” — just what the world has needed all along.

The nearly 500-foot-long yacht, named Shaddai which means omnipotent, features a master cabin that towers 125 feet in the air.

In addition to the expansive views, the approximately 1,130-square-foot elevated space includes an outdoor dining area, bar and AN INFINITY POOL.

As the project description states, the upper level is intended to evoke a “feeling of a higher power, surrounded by the immensity of the sea and the sky…”

Sounds about right — if we were in an infinity pool on a “superyacht,” we imagine high power is exactly how we’d feel.

The large main deck also reflects an opulent lifestyle, with its own beach club, glass-floor infinity pool and aquarium.

As Digital Trends reports, no details about the ship’s price or interior layout have been disclosed … but we’re guessing it ain’t cheap.

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