After Instagram Users Call Out Miss USA For Bullying Miss Vietnam and Miss Cambodia, Sarah Rose Summers Shares Heartfelt Apology

After video footage was released of Sarah Rose Summers (Miss USA) poking fun at a fellow Miss Universe contestant’s English — people lost it, accusing Summers of racism and bullying.

The fashion industry Instagram account, Diet Prada, called out Summers saying the footage was “condescending” and “intolerant.”

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In the footage, Summers can be seen speaking about H’Hen Niê, Miss Vietnam, as well as Miss Cambodia, Rern Sinat. All the women are in Thailand competing in the Miss Universe pageant.

“She’s [Miss Vietnam] so cute and she pretends to know so much English and then you ask her a question after having a whole conversation with her and she goes …” Summers can be seen saying in one video while her face looks both happy and confused.

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While in another video, Summers shares how that “poor [Miss] Cambodia” can’t speak a word of English.

As you can imagine, commenters slammed Summers for putting down her fellow contestants, saying: 

“What does Miss USA speak? Just English and cruelty?”

“Congratulations Miss USA, your ignorance and your insensitivity to your fellow contestants have qualified you to win Miss Air head of the year.”

“A winner must be queenly and well spoken, a representative of all nations and has an ability to unite, unlike this comment Miss USA made, (misinterpreted in many ways) It didn’t come out correctly. I guess the judges picked the right winner.”

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After the uproar, Summers posted to Instagram the following:

“Miss Universe is an opportunity for women from around the world to learn about each other’s cultures, life experiences and views,” she wrote. “We all come from different backgrounds and can grow alongside one another.”

“In a moment where I intended to admire the courage of a few of my sisters, I said something that I now realize can be perceived as not respectful, and I apologize,” she went on. “My life, friendships and career revolve around me being a compassionate and empathetic woman. I would never intend to hurt another. I am grateful for opportunities to speak with Nat, Miss Cambodia, and H’Hen, Miss Vietnam, directly about this experience. These are the moments that matter most to me.”

The long caption was paired with the photo below.

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Sinat shared the same picture of herself and Summers, along with other contestants, all hugging – with the caption:

“My friendship and sisterhood in Miss Universe will forever be kept in my heart. Our experience have given us the opportunity to show and learn different cultures. I speak the language of love, respect and understanding.
I love you my sisters.”

While H’Hen Niê additionally shared the photos.

So while it seems all is forgiven, some commenters have continued to slam Summers. While many others have said how both Miss Cambodia and Miss Vietnam are “classy” and “forgiving” for accepting Summers’s apology.

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One commenter shared underneath Sinat’s post:

“You are gracious, beautiful and a great example of beauty inside and out. Congratulations for representing your beautiful country and its people!”

While another said:

“Thanks Miss Cambodia and Miss Vietnam, through the two of you the true colours of these three countries you posed with got revealed. Continue to be kind even if they are unkind.. treat them as how you would treat others not how they treat you. Stay focused women of Asia”

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