Kung Fu Master Smashes Coconuts With His Bare Hands

This kung fu master is a human nutcracker.

Usually, cracking nuts requires heavy duty tools.

But for Chinese kung fu master Li Weimin, all he needs are his two hands… which could be registered as deadly weapons.

Weimin has laid claim to two world records, one for demolishing coconuts, and one for crushing a massive amount of walnuts.

“I cracked 150 coconuts in one minute and also smashed 337 walnuts in one minute.”

It takes a force of about 1,400 pounds per square inch to crack a coconut. That’s roughly the amount of force needed to crack a human skull.


And if it wasn’t enough to smash a walnut with the side of his hand, Weimin can even break them with his two forefingers.

But this kind of strength doesn’t come easy. Weimin has been cultivating these skills his entire life.

A native of Foshan, China, Weimin comes from a rich tradition. You see, Foshan is said to be the birthplace of a unique style of kung fu—the same style practiced by martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

And it’s a legacy Weimin takes seriously.

“I can punch nine times in a second, which is faster than Bruce Lee. Our Chinese kung fu is great. I want to contribute to carrying forward Chinese kung fu.”

What do you think? Could you crack a walnut with your bare hands?

Or do you think you’d have to be nuts to try?

As for me, I think it’s a job shell done.

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