Family Distressed After Vandal Destroys Christmas Lights Five Times In One Month, Hidden Camera Reveals Shocking Suspect

In St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, police received a call from a family who was very upset.

Why exactly?

Because their Christmas lights continued to be destroyed overnight.

In the past month, someone had vandalized the property five times — cutting the strand of lights near the sidewalk in half.

Talk about a Grinch!

The family was so upset that they decided to install a camera to catch the crook — and not surprisingly, he showed up.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

But he looked a little different than what the family expected….

The night vision security footage revealed that the culprit was actually a wild rabbit. And that’s not all folks! In the footage – the rabbit can be seen standing at the edge of the sidewalk in the family’s yard.

Surveying the grounds to make sure he was alone — the rabbit then hops over to the ground-level lights and starts to nibble at the wire for just a few seconds if that. And once the rabbit gets his fill, he bounds into the night — most likely off to com endear another’s light display.

And as you can imagine, the footage cracked up police.

Sheriff Greg Champagne shared the video on his Facebook page, poking fun of the suspect and asking citizens to come forward with any information to help police identify the rabbit.

And in just two weeks, the post has gone viral with over 20K views.

“We have been diligently investigating,” Champagne jested. “Finally, after cameras were put in place, the perpetrator was filmed in the act. Anyone that can assist us in identifying this brazen criminal is asked to contact us.”

And the users, as you can imagine, had a ball commenting — posting things like:

“This was very informative!!! This actually happened to me a few years ago on the same type of ornamental lights two nights in a row in the same spot after fixing. And for the life of me I was trying to understand why there and nowhere else!!!!”

“Rabbits love to chew wires. [When] we had Bunzi, he could chew the phone book if you gave it to him. All wires had to be hidden.”

“WOW The Easter Bunny is really struggling this year!”

Those who are pet rabbit owners understand how they adore chewing on electrical cords as they resemble hanging tree branches or roots. And for both wild and domestic rabbits, they really do love chewing on them.

Image via Pixabay

Thankfully, the family can relax a bit — after all…it’s just a cute little bunny!

If you are hoping to deter rabbits away from your home, PETA recommends making the area undesirable. You can do this by scattering lavender or catnip around any area you want rabbits out of. Most believe that frightening devices may reduce the chance that a rabbit will decide to graze in your yard but this is not the case.

One of the best things you can do to deter animals in the area is to install a well-constructed fence around the plants, trees and any Christmas decor you would like to keep intact.

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