After Neighbor Calls Woman’s Christmas Decorations ‘Demonic,’ She Decides To Push The Envelope

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is gearing up for lots of cookies, gift-wrapping and decorating. 

And speaking of decorating for the holidays, one woman has an unconventional style that has peeked the interest of thousands.

Diana Rowland, an author, beats to her own drum and loves to cover her front lawn with dragons.

Three, to be exact.

Yup, you read that correctly.

Image via Facebook

And being as that she was the only person who decorated in a more non-traditional way, the neighbors weren’t exactly pleased…

One neighbor in particular was not happy and left an anonymous letter on Rowland’s door sharing what they really thought about the light up lizards.

But thankfully, Rowland has a sense of humor and complied — saying she’d “fix” the dragons.

Image via Facebook

Additionally, she gave the batch of dragons two more friends.

Folks loved the post saying:

“After I posted this, [one of my friend’s] bought one of your books in solidarity. You know what that means? YOUR DRAGONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE ADVERTISING EXPENSES! How’s that for the Spirit of Christmas? Even Scrooge would approve. Also, I should point out that it’s never established in the Nativity story where Melchior acquired the gold he brought as his present. You could have a dragon chasing him. Just saying….”

“Your dragons are really cool and I like them a lot. Even before I saw your dragons and what’s going on, I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I didn’t had an opportunity. I support you, because it’s nothing so bad or disturbing, got no idea why people make such drama of it. I see it as something nice.”

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“That is officially the best Christmas post I’ve ever read or seen. Merry Christmas Ms. Diana, may the Dragon of St. Nicholas fill your stockings with wine. You should toast your neighbor, he made you even more famous!”

“Anyone who truly knows their bible (like Diana Rowland) knows for a fact that the Christmas story is full of dragons…

– Joseph be dragon Mary from one inn to another trying to find a place to stay…

– the wise men be dragon themselves and gifts halfway across the world chasing some star…

– the shepherds be dragon their butts outta bed to check out some singing angel…

LOTS of dragon goin’ on!”

Image via Facebook

“I’m secretly hoping you get a new, more outraged letter from your neighbor so I can see what you do in response.”

Rowland then thanked everyone for their cheeky responses, saying:

“Hi, everyone! I’ve been getting a number of messages about donations or GoFundMe’s for MORE DRAGONS, and as much as I’m tempted to fill my entire yard with ALL THE DRAGONS, I believe that the Christmas season should be about joy and charity. Therefore, I would much rather people take the money they might put toward my dragon army and donate it to a worthy organization, such as a local food bank or shelter, or programs for underprivileged kids, etc. Therefore, in the name of MY DRAGON ARMY, I invite you all to leave a link in the comments to your preferred charity. Or, if you don’t have a fave charity, please feel free to leave a gif or video that always makes you smile and brings you joy.”

Let this be a lesson to all passive aggressive neighbors – when you play with fire, you are going to get more dragons.

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