According to PETA, Vegans Have Better Sex Than Non-Vegans

Yes, that above headline is correct…

PETA boasted that those who practice a vegan diet actually have better sex life than those who are non-vegan.

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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are not messing around.

But we should preface their statement with how they are only suggesting that Vegan people have better sex than those who are not eating completely cruelty free.

PETA supported this statement in a video they posted via Twitter using the hashtag #SureSexIsGreatBut which has recently taken off in the past few days.

What does this video show exactly?

A split screen of two couples having sex but the vegan couple appears to be way more into it, lasting longer and chalk-full of gusto.

And as you can imagine, folks were not afraid to chime in, saying:

“Can you site any actual scientific evidence and studies done based on it??? Or are you just trying to make us all uncomfortable???”

“Hi! Vegans are back again to say we don’t support this pls don’t associate peta with us thanks.”

“What’s crazy is that vegans have to rely on animal products (fertilizer etc.) to grow the vegan food…so the vegan food they are eating in reality is carnivorous…how do you know your food you ate has no animal bi-product in it? There must be a face hidden in there somewhere.”

Image via Air Force Medical Service

“Have you ever had sex and then gotten Taco Bell tho.”

“PETA can you please stop making vegans out to be idiots? You’re not doing veganism any favours at all. Us vegans care about more important things than who has better sex….or [having] even sayings being changed. We’re not all snowflakes!”

The advertisement surprisingly was created a while ago as it was originally submitted for consideration for the Superbowl advertising a few years back.

But it was rejected for being too racy.

One of PETA’s directors, Mimi Bekhechi, shared with The Telegraph: “The consumption of animal products has long been linked to artery blockages that cause inadequate functioning of not only a man’s heart but also all his other vital organs.”

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“While foods high in fibre, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains, scrub the plaque off the arterial walls and get blood flowing to the parts he [a man] needs it flowing to, improving his love life and bringing satisfaction to someone else.”

She went on to say: “PETA want to send the message to men everywhere that meat and milk make you sleepy, not sexy, and that vegans are more virile.”

And before you start yelling at your computer screen — there may be merit in this.

According to several medical journals as well as groups, including The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the findings suggest that the chances of erectile dysfunction can be reduced in men by up to 20% through regular exercise and eating a fruit rich diet.

So the next time you reach for that a hot sausage, consider a salad — you’re S.O. just may thank you.

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