Shelter Dogs Reaction To Magician Putting On Show Is The Purest Thing You Will See All Day

John Stessel is a magician and his job is to brighten up people’s lives.

But not just people’s lives…

Stessel recently performed for a group of adoptable shelter dogs at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in New York and their reactions could not be more adorable.

In partnership with director Rob Bliss along with TBS, Stessel put on a private show for dogs who are ready for their forever homes.

And the show was a perfect opportunity for them to show off their precious quirks to their future families.

“I’ve always loved the idea of doing magic with dogs,” Stessel shared with The Dodo. “Performing for them was nothing short of incredible.”

TBS captioned the video with:

“To help get these animal shelter dogs adopted we brought them the magic of the holidays to show off their sweet and lovable personalities.”

“The reaction from the dogs was just amazing,” Stessel said. “They were just so cute. It was really special.”

After the performance — each dog was given lots of treats and snuggles, the perfect end to a perfect day

Folks were equally as amused with the tricks, with commenters saying:

“I think the tricks would be a lot more amazing if he made treats appear, rather than disappear I think those dogs and millions of other dogs around the world agree.”

Image via Facebook

“What an awesome playful gift for these fur babies!! They’re so smart and playful souls. I’m sure he didn’t leave them disappointed (or vice versa). Love.”

“You’re seriously my new favorite person…this is adorable. What a creative and kind person!”

“I love that you did this. What a great way to get these dogs some exposure and hopefully homes for the holidays. Thank you for giving them some love and having fun with them! You have a good heart.”

While others commented on how each doggos personality shined through in the perfect way.

“Thank you so much for doing this! You brought out their true personality and I love love all the different reaction[s] especially the one dog that was like ‘no treat? Ok then we must hug.’ The video brought tears to my eyes but they are happy tears.”

Image via Facebook

“Sad that so many of these homeless dogs are pits/pit mixes – they may be high-energy, but they are such sweethearts! Hope all of these dogs find good homes in time for the holidays!”

“This purity is what the internet was made for. Bless their puppy hearts.”

“The three kinds of dogs: 1. Where treat? More tricks, look cute, get treat?! 2. Well, now you’re useless to me, bye. 3. BEGONE WITCH!”

“They just wanted to be loved,” Stessel said. “Each one of them would be perfect to find their own forever home.”

Image via Facebook

If you are interested in learning more about these magically adorable dogs along with others that are available for adoption in the New York area, you can visit the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter here.

And to be dazzled by more tricks, you can click here to follow the impressive John Stessel on Instagram.

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