Hero Mom Chases Down Package Thief And Gets Her Package Back

After posting a video to Twitter on Wednesday night, user DSwizzle22 uploaded footage to Twitter that soon went viral — getting over 92,000 likes as well as 25,000 retweets in less than 48 hours.

The video starts with the voice of a mom who is very upset to say the least.

“Girl stole a package off my front porch and I’m gonna corner her,” says the mom, with her phone camera focused on the perpetrator. “Yep,” she says as she gets close to the woman.

Image via Twitter

“What’s your name?” asks the mom. “What’s your name? Did you just steal something? GIVE IT!” she repeats.

The woman then books it, while mom shouts: “I’m gonna f***ing call the police.”

The back and forth is around a full minute and a half with mom sprinting after the thief, demanding her Amazon package back.

And folks, let us just say it gets intense.

“I’ve got you on camera b*tch, give me the f***ing thing, NOW!” mom shouts out, then yelling: “I’m taping you!”

As the two continue to run, the thief shouts:

“Leave me alone lady, I didn’t take anything!” as the two run past parked cars.

Image via Twitter

“Yes you did, I saw you!” the mom shouts back.

“No you didn’t” says perp.

At his points, threats and ultimatums start being made.

“Yes I did! Get your a** back here right now! You’re on tape, and you’re in trouble, now give it to me!”

A loud wind chime then makes an appearance in the video.

“Why are you stealing stuff???” the mom yells out, to which the thief replies, “I’m homeless lady!”

At least she was honest.

And let’s just say the mom did not really care for the honesty….

“I don’t give a sh*t, you’re stealing stuff off my front porch, now GET OVER HERE NOW!” shouted the mom as she continued to run after the woman.

Image via Twitter

“Throw it down, and I’ll delete this! THROW IT DOWN! DO YOU HEAR ME?” she shouted out, now struggling to catch her breath.

Then, the perp eventually slows down and hands back the goods while apologizing to the mother.

And as you are gathering, the mother did not delete the footage.

But she did leave the thief with a few choice words…

“You f***ed with the wrong person, b*tch! What’s wrong with you, a**hole? What else you got? I know there’s something else in there?”

Followed by a sincere, “Good luck!”

Folks took to Twitter to slam both parties, saying:

“This was the slowest chase I ever seen in my life..I just popped popcorn and came bacc, she still runnin.”

Image via Twitter

“If you’re gonna steal stuff from people’s porch you’ve gotta at least be physically fit..”

“This might be the most suburban mom crime I’ve ever seen right down to the woman’s outfit and what she stole.”

“Should have followed her all day. “Shame, shame, shame.”

“Definitely give this mom a 95 overall for Defensive Awareness, but a 12 overall in pursuit.”

“Leave me alone lady, I didn’t take anything.” Said the girl in the UGGs who definitely took something.”

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