These Popsicle’s May Look Delicious — But One Bite Could Actually Kill You

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Some popsicle brands tout themselves as being 100 percent real fruit juice with no added sugar — but these particular icy “treats” are anything but all natural.

In fact, the toxic treats are actually crafted out of 100 percent polluted water.

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The Polluted Water Popsicle project was started by three design students, Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui and Cheng Yu-ti, at the National Taiwan University of the Arts in order to draw attention to the world’s rapidly growing water pollution problem.

To make the frozen creations, water samples were taken from 100 different sources in Taiwan and turned into frozen popsicles.

The ice pops were then precisely replicated using a clear polyester resin so that they could be displayed without melting.

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The students also created wrappers for each popsicle that corresponded with the region where the polluted water was taken from.

One of the artists behind the project, Hung I-chen, told Mashable that her team wanted to use the popsicles to emphasize the importance of clean water.

“It’s made out of sewage, so basically these things can only be seen, not eaten,” I-chen said. “(Having) pure water, a clean water source is actually very important.”

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