After 18 Dogs Are Abandoned And Chained To Church, They Are Ecstatic When This Happens

After staffers at Barking Mad Dog Rescue were approached by a local city hall in Romania requesting they look into a multiple dogs being kept in the front yard of a church — they were a little wary to say the least.

The rescue quickly sent out two volunteers to find out what was going on and the sight they found was disturbing.

When the rescuers first came to the church, they discovered 18 very skinny dogs that were each chained up to a different pole.

Image via Barking Mad Dog Rescue

Most of the dog’s chains were not long enough to allow the dogs to lie down and they dug into their necks.

There was also no water or food, and as soon as the dogs saw the two women — they became very excited despite their mistreatment.

“They literally hugged us when they saw us,” a team leader with Barking Mad Dog Rescue by the name of Gea told The Dodo

Allegedly, the church’s priest had rescued all 18 dogs from the streets — but was not able to properly care for them.

When the women asked the priest if he was feeding them, he said he was able to feed them only every Monday and Thursday.

Image via Barking Mad Dog Rescue

Each of the 18 dogs were very hungry and also, in need of love and attention.

The women were not sure if the rescue was able to accommodate all the dogs but they collectively decided that they would make it work regardless.

“Our shelter was full, but we couldn’t leave them there,” a volunteer with Barking Mad Dog Rescue named Jess, told The Dodo. 

Then, very quickly — the rescue gave food and water to each of the dogs who each eagerly accepted.

And after discussing it — the rescue then decided it would need to build more enclosures and fast so they could house all of the new dogs.

The women who found the dogs that day took home the six dogs who seemed to need care the most and left behind enough food and water for the other 12 — vowing to return as quickly as they could to help them in their time of need.

Image via Barking Mad Dog Rescue

The rescue was able to construct new enclosures to keep the additional 12 dogs in just three days.

Each of the 18 dogs were very much so underweight and all had a slew of medical issues that needed attention.

But regardless of their traumatic back story, each dog was sweet from the start.

Image via Barking Mad Dog Rescue

The pups only looked for love and attention from their knights in shining armor and each dog seemed to be over the moon when they were released from their chains.

“Most have been named, choosing something that suits their characters,” Jess shared. “Walla, Shima, Saphira, Poldi, Pepsi, Liesel, Gwendy, Flocke, Elli, Bobby, Bingo, Bao, Anton, Adena and Emely. The last ones we are still to find the perfect names.”

Image via Barking Mad Dog Rescue

Thankfully, the dogs are all doing well currently — and once they are healed, vaccinated and neutered, the rescue will help find them each forever families.

“They are all so friendly, they will make excellent fur family members,” Jess shared.

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