Bizarre Light Appears In North Sky Makes People Believe Aliens Landed In New York


Believing in something you can’t see was never was so much fun — that was, until aliens.

And while most folks are divided about their actual existence, sometimes, their presence is hard to dispute.

“They are always looking down, watching over us.” – My senile grandmother

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So when the sky turns a shade of neon blue, who do we blame as the culprit?

The end of the world as we know it? Thor’s hammer? The upside down? Or the most likely cause….you guessed it: ALIENS!

This scenario happened in Astoria, Queens, at around 9:20 p.m. a few weeks ago and many folks were afraid extraterrestrials were attempting to make contact.

In fact, they believed this so much that the mayor’s spokesman actually had to confirm it was “not aliens” that created the unnaturally illuminated sky.

Hey, it could happen — ask Elliot.

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… what was it exactly?

An explosion at a power plant, actually.

It was reported that two transformers allegedly blew up at a nearby plant.

Or so they say…

The explosion was so bad that the LaGuardia Airport had to shut down briefly but thankfully, the flames were controlled and no one was injured.

But while that situation was handled fairly quickly, the aftermath in the sky horrified many and soon after the incident, plenty of people huddled on street corners with scared and confused demeanors.

What everyone thought was going on…

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And it wasn’t long before folks did what they do best — post to social media about what they thought was actually going on.

But not even five minutes after the blue hue had dissipated from the sky — the internet launched into several theories of how the world was ending and the like.

“Aliens have landed in Astoria? Or give me another reason why the sky is blue on this New York night!”


“D**n, all those [sci-phy] movies were right, aliens always attack New York first for some [reason].”

“Aliens attacking the Empire State Building or power plant transformer fire in Queens?”

…what was actually going on

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“Aurora Americana. [A] phenomenon occurring in North America In winter. Alien spaceship exhaust particulates in the [atmosphere]. (Spaceships collecting Earth’s News from Fox), creates magic dust that, when inhaled, makes one hallucinate. People affected are disoriented and appear deranged.”

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t exactly magic dust, per se.

But understandably so, the sight was apparently a strange one to behold.

Resident Lucas Espinoza, 28, shared:

“The whole sky lit up with a pulsating greenish-blue light. I’ll admit that seeing the sky light up like that at night – in New York City of all places – put a bad feeling in my gut.” he told the Independent.

Dave Maclean, a journalist for the paper and also a resident of the same neighborhood as Espinoza, shared:

“The power cut out for a split-second, then the sky lit up. It looked like it was daylight from my front window. I went outside and people were gathered on the street corner, some with their hands to their mouths. The scene was incredible.”

Thankfully, the worst of the incident was a few travel delays.

There have since been no reports of anyone being beamed up…


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