After Living Off Alcohol, Pizza, And Junk Food, Police Officer Shocks Everyone At Her Dream Wedding With Amazing New Body

After eliminating half of her body weight, one police officer says she is now the person she has “always wanted to be.”

Niamah Haddow, from Abergavenny, Wales, weighed 266 lbs. back in 2015 after she graduated from school and living on a diet of alcohol, pizza, and junk food.

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The 24-year-old had a hard time fitting into rides at a theme park for her 21st birthday and knew it was time to lose weight.

After having concern over her mother’s health, Niamah’s decided to make a huge lifestyle change and lose the weight.

Niamah said she was “mortified” when her birthday in Florida was thwarted due to her weight.

Sharing with UNILAD, she said:

She said:

“To start I had to get an extra seat belt on the plane, then walking around the theme parks was a nightmare. My feet were so swollen and I honestly couldn’t walk. I was crying in pain.”

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“Then I went to go on one of the roller coasters, and I didn’t fit, when I went onto the next one I was put in the fat seat! I was mortified.”

After coming home from her 2015 trip, Niamah joined Slimming world once her mother said she was worried for her health.

Niamah started to cry after stepping onto the scales at her very first session — as up until then, she did not know how much she weighed.

But in December of 2016 — Niamah reached her goal weight, dropping six dress sizes from a size 22 to a size 10.

And she did not stop there!

Since her radical transformation, Niamah started an Instagram page to share her weight loss journey and help others who need inspiration to make a lifestyle change.

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When Niamah was at her largest size, she said her diet was a “complete uni diet,” or school diet. At her biggest, Niamah described her diet as a complete ‘uni diet’, saying:

“So basically I was on a complete uni diet, like I’d have takeaway god knows how many times a week! I’d be drinking every night (uni life) and I’d just eat a packet of biscuits when I was hungry.”

And while her partners was very helpful throughout her journey, Niamah was worried he would find someone better.

And while the two eat Slimming World meals together, she says he is “so understanding’ of her new lifestyle.

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The couple recently got married, having their dream wedding — something Niamah would not have done if she did not lose the weight.

“I honestly don’t think I would have got married unless I lost weight, my dress was a fish tail dress which was so tight fitted. I honestly don’t know what I would have even worn if I hadn’t lost weight. I had a Harry Potter wedding which obviously drew a lot of attention. If I hadn’t have lost weight I wouldn’t have done that.”

Nimah also shares how her new career as a police officer would not be possible prior to losing the weight

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Niamah credits her confidence to Slimming World, saying:

“Slimming world changed my life. The ladies in my group helped me so much! My attitude always was that: no matter how much I want to eat this junk food, feeling good about myself always felt better so I never went off plan!”

“It changes lives. I now live in Australia, dream life, dream job! And I’ve accomplished so much that I couldn’t have without losing weight because I wouldn’t have had the confidence.”

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