After Throwing Wedding Cake At Bride And Groom, This Ex-Girlfriend Gets Her Revenge

Ah, weddings.

A day where for both the bride and groom is (supposed to be) the best day of your life.

And while the big day comes with expected mishaps and a little bit of family drama — one bride and groom faced a hurdle they did not expect.

An ex-girlfriend.

And this particular ex-girlfriend made a huge scene.

What exactly did she do?

If you said ‘run through the door and pelt wedding cake at the bride and groom,’ you are correct.

Image via Public Domain Pictures

Talk about not being able to let it go….

After the groom’s ex discovered the date of the big day, she quickly became full of rage.

And after their wedding cake was decimated, their wedding coordinator was able to get a hold of a doughnut shop manager to buy ‘all the doughnuts’ that were readily available.

The manager of the doughnut shop manager (who is unnamed) posted the whole story to boredpanda saying:

“She says the wedding cake has been destroyed and the bride has been a huge fan of doughnuts since childhood and is willing to substitute.”

That is one chill bride, to say the least.

“She pretty much wipes out all our stock and snags the biggest cream puff we have for the ‘ceremonial doughnut’.”

Image via Max Pixel

This wedding planner doesn’t let anything stop dessert for the big day, not even ex-girlfriends!

“In a fit of inspiration, I grab some eclairs and write, ‘congrats’ on one and the names of the couple on the other two in frosting. She thanks me profusely and runs out the door.”

Heroes don’t all wear capes.

They carry tubes of frosting, actually.

The manager continued to share more details about the horror happening of the newlywed’s day, saying:

“The groom had an apparently psycho ex, who had been stalking them and found out about the wedding.”

Yikes! A bride’s worst nightmare, to say the least.

“She became enraged that he was getting remarried. She stormed into the venue, grabbed the wedding cake, and chucked it at the newlyweds! I mean she-hulking a beautiful three-tier cake!”

The ex was reportedly shouting loudly and grabbing wine bottles and smashing them onto the floor as she said her peace, according to The Mirror.

Image via pxhere

The ex-girlfriend (who is unnamed) was allegedly restrained by groomsmen.

Talk about doing your part for the wedding, am I right?

The ex-girlfriend was then arrested and charged with assault, as well as assault with a weapon (after waving broken glass) and destruction of private property.

The shop manager continued, saying:

“The wife was laughing and smiling in all the pictures, even with cake and frosting splattered all over her once gorgeous dress.”

Image via pixabay

“She said it was going to be one of ‘those stories’ that she’s going to laugh about with her kids in years to come.”

Kudos to this bride for keeping her cool and laughing it off…..

It sounds like the groom picked his bride wisely.

Also, I have a feeling this bride will make for one patient mom.

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